How Cardboard is Made. Part 1, Some Basic Info

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There are various uses for cardboard, hardcover books, files, etc. There are 3  main types of cardboard, 1st quality, 2nd quality, and finally, millboard.

Which one of these you use depends on the quality and the strength you need. 1st is the costliest and strongest.  2nd is intermediate.

People usually mix something else other than the same raw material as for 1st. 

Millboard is the cheapest. This is because the raw material they use contains about 70 -90 % pulp, which is a smelly, paper mache-like thing.

However, the mill board is grey, unlike 1st and 2nd, which is brown.

None of this info is from any site. My family has a cardboard manufacturing company,  so I thank my parents for it.

NOTE: all the names ( 1st quality,  2nd quality, Millboard) are regional.  The names may vary across the world.

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