Funny Controversial Questions Pt 2

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Is it possible to create an ice cream with every flavor in the world?

Should there be an Olympics for everyday tasks?

Should all houses come with a slide as well as stairs?

Can you be allergic to homework?

Should candy be considered a food group?

Is it better to have a pool filled with jello instead of water?

Can homework be done telepathically in the future?

Should there be a dessert at every meal?

Is it better to have the ability to jump really high or run incredibly fast?

Are books actually secret portals to other worlds?

Should everyone have a personal soundtrack played around them based on their mood?

Is it better to be a wizard, a superhero, or a pirate?

Are teddy bears secretly the best security guards?

Should schools have a subject dedicated to learning about dragons and mythical creatures?

Is it rude to not laugh at a joke?

If there was a game with an imaginary ball, would it be considered a sport?

Byee and have a great day

P.S:feel free to share your answers in the comments

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