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Fictional Wars Ep. 5- Texan-Californian War pt. 5 (Also short)

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So, It has been a while.

I hope you enjoy what may be a short episode.


At this time, Division General Ford was angry. There also have been zero tank battles in the war.

Ford knew just how to break the Californian line and was about to break it with everything he had.

The Texan forces had recently learned that the M1a3 Abrams was finished and entering mass production.

Soon, the outnumbered Texans had tanks and arrived at the front lines.

One M1a3 tank, named Bruce, took out 7 artillery pieces and killed 371 Californians.

two people riding on battle tank

Bruce was shot by hundreds of rounds, to no avail. The tanks killed a lot of Californians, but the stalemate was not broken.

The Californians eventually drove the Texans out and won their first battle.

General Thomas would not get a break, however.

Soon, the tanks came back, and The Californians were knocked back.

One soldier, Sergeant Yuri Van Doren, recounted seeing the tank Bruce tank a 130mm artillery shot. Bruce then killed seven men to his right with the 20mm machine gun.

Sergeant Van Doren died later in the war. But many stories of the soldiers live on to this day.


sorry about the shortness. I had to make some adjustments


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