Farewell for Now: From @alex-kn-jason💕😊😞

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Dear Kidznetters,

It’s with a mix of emotions that I write this post. Life has a way of pulling us in different directions, especially schoolwork. For now, I need to step away from KidzNet. But before I go, I want to express my gratitude and share a cherished memory with all of you.

Our campaign for Girls’ Rights on Periods: A Journey of Empathy and Support💕

We embarked on a mission close to my heart: advocating for girls’ rights during their periods. It was incredible to see how our community rallied together. From informative posts to heartfelt discussions, you all stood by my side, even on Kidztalk.

Thank you to those who shared their experiences, offered encouragement, and spread awareness. Your kindness made a difference.

Remembering the Laughter and Friendship

Beyond the serious moments, KidzNet was a place of laughter, creativity, and friendship. We solved riddles( my riddle series), swapped book recommendations, celebrated each other’s achievements, and shared the happy moments of each other’s birthdays. Whether it was a virtual dance party or a late-night chat about our favorite animals, those memories will forever warm my heart.

A Shout-Out to Old and New Friends

To my old friends who’ve moved on—busy with schoolwork, exams, or other adventures—I’ll miss you dearly. Our late-night chats, silly emojis, and shared dreams will always be cherished. I couldn’t forget all of you who were always on my side in need, especially everyone who supported my projects.

And to the new faces who joined KidzNet recently, welcome! You’re stepping into a vibrant community that embraces kindness, curiosity, and acceptance.

Why You Should Love Me More (Just Kidding, but Kind of Not)

Okay, maybe not more, but I hope you’ll remember me fondly. 😄 Let’s keep the spirit alive—support one another, learn together, and continue making KidzNet a safe haven for all.

Until We Meet Again…

This isn’t goodbye forever. And I definitely come around whenever I have a short break within my study schedules.

I’ll be back, refreshed and ready to dive back into our virtual adventures. Until then, take care, stay curious, and keep spreading positivity.❤️

With love and gratitude,
To all my brothers and sisters on Kidznet and Kidztalk.


Absolutely!! I will definitely see you later Uncle Selwyn. I'm so ...

P.S. – When I return back(and also if I could continue the projects too hehe!)

I promise to restart all my projects again—the birthday Project, Coding Project, Puzzle project, and Inspiration project (LOL!).

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