Do You Ever Have This Problem On a Boat or Kayak?

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Hello everyone! This is my biggest fear, and I’ve had it for a long time.

Last month, I started Kidzsearch, and especially today, I started worrying about my fear. Not that we are planning any boat or kayak trips, but I hope this never happens, but I want you guys to recommend things I can do to solve the problem.

I can’t help this! It’s something in my body I can’t control. (Sorry to be kinda gross, but) What if I have to pee on the boat?

I know, of course, you go right before you leave or before you set off in the water. But if you feel that urge and I can’t control when it happens.

Also, at this point, most people say if you’re on a boat and you have to go, just pee. I can’t do that because my underwear gets wet and I don’t have any dry underwear!

Unless I bring underwear and can’t change, there’s no private room, and any other boat could see you. This is my biggest fear.

I can just imagine if there’s a mom, dad, and 7-year-old girl going on a boat, and she says, “Mommy! I have to go potty!” And the parents say there are no restrooms, and you just need to hold it. Well, I can’t do that!

Also, it’s not good to hold your pee. Or maybe a group of kids is on a kayak, and one kid is squeezing their legs and yelling I have to pee!!

The other kids would be like, oh no, not now. That’s my biggest fear, but please help me answer with my other boating fear: How do you poop on the boat too?

Please help me answer this because I can’t control it and do not like holding it when I have to go potty.

Please give me some helpful comments and ideas below.

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