Climate Change – A Dramatic Change

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When people cut trees, greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide which trees normally convert to oxygen for us, get collected in the atmosphere. After that, UV sunlight rays hit the earth, and things like the ocean, mountains, cement, buildings, and icebergs reflect them back up to the sky.

The rays reflect back down again instead of going into outer space because of too many greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and can start to heat up the earth too much and melt icebergs. When icebergs keep melting, the ocean levels rise because of it. Some islands, like the Maldives, start to sink slowly. They can also cause extreme weather conditions that cause things like excessive and damaging tornados, floods, and fires around the world.

When we raise animals for food, this also releases a lot of greenhouse gases from the energy used to grow food for them. A lot of methane, a greenhouse gas, is also released when livestock passes gas (farts).

We need to cut trees because of paper and lots of wooden items, but we need to replace and plant them back.

Animals are dying every second because of our factories that take away places for them to live.

When we release carbon from our factories, the ocean absorbs it and gets polluted. A lot of animals die in the ocean because of carbon that creates a toxic acidic environment. As the ocean warms up, millions of sea life die from it each year. It is also destroying our coral reefs. 2021 had the warmest ocean temperatures ever recorded.

We can help by using things like biofuel, solar energy, carbon capture storage, and hanging posters that say, “NOT FAIR FOR TREES”, or “PEOPLE NEED TO REPLANT PLANTS”. We can be more eco-friendly by using a bike, or buying a vehicle that uses diesel, because diesel is not as refined, so they use less electricity . We can buy rechargeable batteries. 

We can reuse most things. We can recycle paper. Eat less meat and fish and more vegetable protein sources. We can buy recycled paper. 

What are some things you are doing now to help reduce greenhouse gasses and the destruction of our planet? Please comment below.

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