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As most of you know… I love K-pop. I’ve (another good gg is live) listened to a TON of groups, but my overall favorite is Itzy.

Why I like Itzy

Itzy has many different songs and music styles, which I think is cool! They’ve gone through cute concepts, girl crush/baddie concepts, dalla dalla/wannabe (their own), and a Western concept.

Right now, they are in the girl crush concept with the songs “Born to Be” and “Untouchable.”

They also have hilarious members who are also kind.

Meet The Members


Age – 23

Bday – July 21

Birth name – Choi Jisu/ 최지수

English name – Julia Choi

Position – main vocalist

Era – none of my business

Religion – Christian

Facts – Lia is currently on hiatus due to anxiety and pressure. She is also very funny and kind!


Age – 22

Bday – June 5

Birth name – Lee Chaeryong/이채령

English name – Serena Lee

Position – lead rapper + main dancer

Era – not shy

Religion – Christian

Facts – sadly, Chaeryong receives a lot of hate for her looks. She is also Christian. Her sister (Chaeyeon) is in a popular girl group called i*zone!


Age – 21 (she is maknae/youngest)

Bday -December 9

Birth name – Shin Yuna/신유나

English name – Hussey Shin

Position – Visual

Era – icy

Religion – Christian

Facts – She is a literal Barbie, and you’ll see what I mean if you watch her solo “yet, but” She is really extroverted and funny!


Age – 22

Bday – April 17

Birth name – Shin Ryujin/ 신류진

English name – Joanne Shin

Position – main rapper + center

Era – born to be

Religion – unknown

Facts – She and Yuna share the same surname. She has also been in a BTS music video! She is also a tomboy, and despite seemingly being an extrovert, she is surprisingly an introvert!


Age -23 ( Unnie/oldest member and the leader of Itzy)

Bday -May 26

Birth name – Hwang Yeji/ 황예지

English name – Lucy Hwang

Position – leader and main vocalist

Era – m.i.t.m.

Religion- Christian

Facts – She is the oldest member and the leader. She also has asthma, an allergy disease. She was also ranked among the 100 most beautiful faces in 2019!

Facts about Itzy

1. They debuted on February 11, 2019

2. Their Fandom color is magenta

3. Their itro/ catch phrase is ” all in us! Hello, we are ITZY!” And another is ” Itzy, Midzy, fly high!”

4. Their Fandom name is midzy/ 날 믿어 meaning trust me in English. They created a song called “Trust Me (midzy)” dedicated to their fans.

5. Their debut music video surpassed 17 million views within the first 24 hours, breaking a record!

6. They have a YouTube reality show titled ” Itzy? Itzy!”

7. In 2019, they won the Asian Music Award for Best New Female Artists.

8. Their lightstick is unique, being round.

9. Itzys’ debut concert sold out within a minute.

10. They recorded the Korean version of ” into the Unknown” in “Frozen 2”

Okay, that’s it! Thanks for reading. I took a long time to finish this! And before you go, listen to Untouchable, one of their newest songs!

Itzy, Midzy, fly high! Love you,


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