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Hey you all! Just a reminder that the first user to get to 70 friends gains 500 points straight from my account! @pumpkin is closest with a total of 62 friends! (Apt to change) While we are waiting for a winner, let us all take a look at usually how I make friends in real life.

  1. Say hi.
  2. Tell them your name.
  3. Ask for their name.
  4. Tell them they have a nice name.
  5. Ask them what their favorite animal is.
  6. Tell them your favorite animal and why you like it.
  7. Maybe throw in a joke or two about the animal in question.
  8. Ask them to tell you a joke.
  9. Ask them to play a game such as Hide ‘n Seek or tag.

Here is a game I invented called the Opinion Game. Here is how it works: Rock-paper-scissors has it who goes first. Winner thinks of any noun. Let’s say me and my friend Lana are playing and Lana won.

  • Lana: Jungle

It is my turn. Now I have to think of what jungles remind me of such as trees or monkeys.

  • Esie: Monkeys

Now the process repeats.

  • Lana: Bananas
  • Esie: Fruit
  • Lana: Apples
  • Esie: Juice
  • Lana: Cups
  • Esie: Coffee

You just go on and on. So, right now, you can look back and see that coffee has some relation to jungles.

Now, I have a collection of jokes here that are great to tell friends:

  • Me: Knock Knock.
  • You: Who is there?
  • Me: Cook
  • You: Cook who?
  • Me: That is what you are!


  • Me: Knock Knock
  • You: Who is there?
  • Me: Who
  • You: Who Who?
  • Me: Did you hear that owl?


  • Me: Knock Knock
  • You: Who is there?
  • Me: Yah
  • You: Yah who?
  • Me: No thanks, I would rather use Google.


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