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Hello, beautiful people! 🎀

I have a little update for you! I have so many friends here, and you all make me so happy! So, I have decided to give my fans/friends a name!

Before I tell you, I need to thank you all…🎀you have all been so kind and supportive of me. I am not popular at school, but I love it here because it makes me feel like a celebrity. There is very little drama, very few disagreements, and very few rude people here.🎀

Now, let me tell you how I will start all of my posts from now on…


I call you this because…

🎀1~a unnie in kpop is the oldest/ most responsible member, and you guys are so mature and sweet!

🎀2~ I’m yuna_verse, so I added a y at the beginning!

🎀okay, I love you all so much, goodbye yunnies!🎀


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