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Guys i'm back. Sorry for being inactive for so long

JD2005 WB!

forgxtten hey

Queen157 Lol, anyone who knows what rickrolling is will understand

Pumpkin cool

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I am new to kids net ☺

KidzSearch Welcome! We just started it a few weeks ago, so everyone here is new too. Let us know if you have any questions

digglehead Hi! 😁

Crystal Luv your name and cute pug!

zanystar67 yo dis is my first post

Pumpkin Cool

lunamoonlight You should pick a new profile pic, it's a little annoying when someone doesn' have one to me,

Pumpkin wut/

Pumpkin *wut

hey kidz search im wondering if im allowed to upload my bands concerts sometime

lunalovegoodmolly I don't think you are...

Pumpkin idk

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This is just disgusting

FairyPrincess I feel so sad! Why are people doing this to them? #StopAnimalAbuse

ammyk Aww! They look so sad! This is a great hashtag to use!

ammyk We can help prevent animal abuse and end it, 1 pet at a time!

lunalovegoodmolly That is so sad!

Willow7890 That’s from a puppy mill, I think. They treat puppies like products for the money. It’s really sad. Don’t people know that animals have feelings, too?

MoonPeach @ammyk the thing is, I don't live in the US so

bella07 #StopAnimalAbuse

Holahi Omg poor things

KnightStar Oh, wow, look at all that filth. Animals don't like living in their on filth.

lunamoonlight Wow, just flaring wow.

Holahi Knight yeah that is so true when I got pepper from the shelter she was depressed because her kennel was filthy and the whole place smelled like dog pee

Queeny Two puppies? In that small, dirty space? Where's the food bowl for them, the water doesn't even look filled enough for two puppies! This is awful :(

GemHeart IK.....

hey guys its me pugkid remember me it turns out i forgot my password so i made this acc

FairyPrincess I don't know you but Welcome back!!

Pumpkin Oh! You were pne of the first users!

lunalovegoodmolly I don't but Welcome back all the same

KnightStar Welcome back!

TylerTheDrummer Lol. I remember you.

Pumpkin *one

FunHeart1010 Cool.

lunamoonlight I think I can remember your username, anyway WB!

Queeny WB!