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is anyone else having system issues

please help me Kids Net

lunamoonlight What is going on?

JD2005 Yeah... The news feed was totally blank yesterday... I refreshed the page, restarted my phone... But nothing changed!

KidzSearch In the future, you should contact us on KidzTalk using the KidzNet section to report problems. We were having network issues yesterday.

its my birthday tomorrow!!!!!!

Sliptooth35 Happy early birthday!

JD2005 ...Then you must be excited! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, in advance!

cookie122105 happy b day

KnightStar happy birthday!

Cheetahboy Happy Birthday

FunHeart1010 Happy Birthday!!

lunamoonlight Happy B-day

Queeny Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome day!

KnightStar I hope it was AWESOME!

Kitten Happy late birthday! (I posted a month late)

anyone on??

yent628 JD2005 Queeny lunamoonight cookie122105 any of ya on????????????????????????

JD2005 Hey! I'm on, but too lazy! XD

Queeny I'm on!!

lunamoonlight Im on

cookie122105 hey

ANY ONE ON!!??!!??!!??!!??


JD2005 LOL I'm!

Queeny Like I said, I am now!

cookie122105 hi

HorseGirl221 I'm on right now, hahaha!

cookie122105 me too

FunHeart1010 I am!!

Hey guys any one who uses KidzTalk i've loged in we can talk

HorseGirl221 I might make an account soon!

Queeny I'm on KidzTalk! You can find me by the same name!

KnightStar Sure! I have KidzTalk!

FunHeart1010 👌

yent628 Cool

JD2005 I don't have an account right now, but will request my parents soon!

yent628 i made fairy lights

HorseGirl221 Those look really good!!

Queeny Awesome!

KnightStar Pawesome, Yent!

FunHeart1010 Aw cute!

yent628 THANKS

yent628 they arnt too good i guess

JD2005 They are really good, yent! You did a good job!