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Me when I'm trying to roast someone:

Kitten Lol!

rockabillykitty123 XD

whereintheworld I Love this..........

FunHeart1010 XD

JD2005 xD

Anyone want to join a book club?

JD2005 Sure, I love to read books!

Does anyone on here live in Texas?

FortnitePlayer I'm not

FunHeart1010 I think Cookie lived in Oklahoma.

TylerTheDrummer I do!

Queen157 I do, I’m a Dallasian! Lo

Kitten Nope

Queen157 I live in dallas, easier to understand.

whereintheworld I did live in Dallas then we move to Amarillo

FunHeart1010 I live near Dallas, but in Dallas. I live in a rinky dink town.

TylerTheDrummer Cool! I live east of Dallas in Texas!

JD2005 I don't. Welcome to KN!