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What is your favorite food

cakelover Pizza!!!

JD2005 Um... Chicken.

JD2005 @cakelover I thought you'd say cake!?

KnightStar Vegan hotdogs.....that stuff is made out of of tofu that makes it even better

cakelover .??

cakelover Cake and pizza

vanillacake pizza

Scruffypenny Pizza and gummybears

Scruffypenny Not together ofc. That would just be gross.

Which do you think is the best

cakelover Balloon and bomb

lunalovegoodmolly Same as @cakelover.

Queen157 King

JD2005 King!

KnightStar Balloon!

FortnitePlayer King

lunamoonlight Same as cake lover.

Scruffypenny @cakeover. You might as well get some ideas from this to add to your collection along with slime.

Scruffypenny same as cakelover

Here is a picture I made

cakelover (I liked)

Kitten Nice

JD2005 Cute!

KnightStar Cute!

Scruffypenny cute

Scruffypenny Flamingos don’t have purple beaks but nice and neatly drawn.

How are you guys

cakelover Good

JD2005 Average.

FortnitePlayer Good!

cakelover As always

Scruffypenny #Not

Thanks to all of you that said you would be my friends

cakelover 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

JD2005 NP :D