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What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

lunalovegoodmolly Strawberries and cream

FortnitePlayer cookies and cream!

toocool16 I like it

lunamoonlight Mint choco chip.

cakelover mango, and chocolate

Pumpkin I love. It all

JD2005 Vanilla and chocolate!

Emelyisaway mint chocolate chip OR cookies n cream :D

toocool16 I love all of the flavor

What is your lucky number?

lunamoonlight 11.

cakelover 2

Holahi 4

Pumpkin 8 or 3

JD2005 IDK.

JD2005 I don't believe in these.

lunamoonlight I just said 11 because it is my favorie number.

lunalovegoodmolly Maybe 4 or 16

Pumpkin I just said 8 or 3 cause it's my fave numbers

EloquentRacer92 7

What do you do as a hobby?

toocool16 dance

lunamoonlight Go on kn, draw, watch tv, play guitar.

Holahi Soccer and dance

Pumpkin Draw write make websites

lunalovegoodmolly Reading, writing, drawing and sleeping. Joking on the last one.

cakelover draw, dance, swim

This is a drawing of a girl dressed as a cat

lunalovegoodmolly Cool.

toocool16 I like it

lunamoonlight Cute.

Pumpkin Cute

JD2005 So cute! You draw so well.

These are a few drawings I made

toocool16 those are cute

cakelover good

Pumpkin Nice

Pumpkin Nice

hey guys
how are you

lunalovegoodmolly Hey. I am good.

toocool16 I am good

what is your favourite food?

Pumpkin IDK

lunamoonlight Tater tots with cheese in them.

cakelover pasta, freise

what is your favourite color?

Pumpkin Blue

Queen157 Crimson

AlbiSeli blue and purple

lunamoonlight Black.

Holahi Blue and green

lunalovegoodmolly Blue or yellow

cakelover dark red, yellow or purple