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any want to be my friend i like shounen anime like my hero,soul eater,and seven deadly sins,i like Nintendo games and i like to draw fan for things i like,i also like hazbin hotel

lunamoonlight 1. MHA, and SDS are good, haven't seen Soul Eater. 2. I have a 3DS and a few games. 3, Same. 4. SAAAAAAAMMMMMEEE (Do you like Helluva Boss? It has a pilot and an episode now)

lunamoonlight And if you haven't, just friend me, I'll be ya friend

this is wholesome

AstrialFlames XD XD XD

lunamoonlight Aw. Good thing he can dethaw himself.

thepanweebgirl @lunamoonlight ya it’s. Cute tho

lunamoonlight It is tho

Emelyisaway aw loll

Can some one comment the link to

thepanweebgirl thank you

KnightStar @lunamoonlight THATS NOT GOOGLE

KnightStar @lunamoonlight fine it be google but it trip google

lunamoonlight ?