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lisaxqueem yoooyy

JD2005 Same to you! 🏳️‍🌈

im now mr like

JD2005 ?


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tacoboi Recently Online Friends

Ash Yayy I’m on there :D

EloquentRacer92 Oh, 5 of my friends were online at once.

tacoboi Ash YAAYYAYAYA

Continue in the chat CONTINUE the song kk!

You are My fire

tacoboi The one desire

lunamoonlight Chain break.

JHAMMER2 Who? @GuitarisrKid? If so he got his H1n recorder delivered yesterday but he needs to get the right USB.

tacoboi JC

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My brother: Anime sucks. I don’t know why you like it so much
Me: *runs to get you guys*
Ok guys! Comment your arguments to get my brother to like anime! I don’t have the energy to make myself an only child =)

DancerForLife9821 Lol I meant anime

ammyk @Queeny yes, thank you for not being as lazy as the rest of us. (Or at least me.)

ammyk Why are some of these posts getting so many comments? Maybe cuz It’s spring break for a bunch of people.

JHAMMER2 Honestly my parents don't let me watch anime. I actually think anime is stupid.

ammyk @JHAMMER2 all of it can’t possibly be stupid. No offense.

lunamoonlight @JHAMMER2 Again, the stupidity depends on the anime. And anime isn't bad, well, one genre of it, but that's a very small portion of it.

JHAMMER2 @Lunamoonlight and @ammyk okay but my mom won't let me

ammyk @JHAMMER2, ah I see.

ammyk We’re kinda mean, aren’t we.



Melody1546294 ummm... let me think

tacoboi DE

tacoboi JA


has anyone seen @PurpleMochi?

JD2005 Yes.

PurpleMochi Sup

EloquentRacer92 Yep.

EloquentRacer92 PurpleMochi last posted a day ago.

Ash Mhm.

HAppy spring break ppl

ammyk I already had mine.

Ash Mine was a long time ago.

lunamoonlight My 4 day weekend ended yesterday

ok just getting this strait i don't read long posts if somebody says beautiful im like i dont read ima just copy him or her

AstrialFlames Why?

ammyk Okay. I don't really care, but thanks.

lunamoonlight Well. That knocks out half of my posts lol.

Ash Ok.....

JD2005 Um... Okay?

has anyone seen p@PurpleMochi latley? cause i have not seen her cartoony art in a while

AstrialFlames PurpleMochi has been online, but not posting art.

AstrialFlames PurpleMochi has been online, but not posting art.

PurpleMochi I’m currently working on something, but school is making take forever. 😅

Ash She’s here.