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HAppy spring break ppl

ammyk I already had mine.

Ash Mine was a long time ago.

lunamoonlight My 4 day weekend ended yesterday

ok just getting this strait i don't read long posts if somebody says beautiful im like i dont read ima just copy him or her

AstrialFlames Why?

ammyk Okay. I don't really care, but thanks.

lunamoonlight Well. That knocks out half of my posts lol.

Ash Ok.....

JD2005 Um... Okay?

has anyone seen p@PurpleMochi latley? cause i have not seen her cartoony art in a while

AstrialFlames PurpleMochi has been online, but not posting art.

AstrialFlames PurpleMochi has been online, but not posting art.

PurpleMochi I’m currently working on something, but school is making take forever. 😅

Ash She’s here.

who likes in n out

tacoboi only a cursed chiled would not like it

AstrialFlames ME!

GuitaristKid wjat does that mean

lunamoonlight ?

Ash @taco What dat

JD2005 ?


Queeny I've never been ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Guess the kidznet account

💎 💓

EloquentRacer92 GemHeart!

EloquentRacer92 GemHeart!

AstrialFlames GemHeart

tacoboi Yas

tacoboi Jay your like maybe a year older than gem but kk

lunamoonlight I thought Gem was like, a year older than Jay? Or they are the same age. I wanna say Gem is like, 16? I want to say Jay is 15 or 16. Besides, Gem is the big sis for everyone

Queeny Gem is 16, almost 17 lol. JD is 15 I believe? I do know for a fact he is younger than Gem tho.

JD2005 Lol... I'm 15, will turn 16 this year.

KnightStar He's a year young than gem, pretty sure ^^

GemHeart I’m big sis for everyone, y e s

@KidzSearch @Manu2009Gymnastics has been posting false info?

ammyk 5 minutes ago. 😯

KidzSearch Yes. Their account has been deleted.

JD2005 :O

Ash ...