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FluffyBunnyGirl2 Cuteness!!!!!!

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taboosinss Oh my gosh it worked

FunHeart1010 It worked! Super cool

taboosinss Yeah super cool!!

taboosinss It works like magic!

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KupKakeDoll Ooooo

MOO73 Cold

MOO73 I meant Cool

Can someone tell me how to Chang my photo?😖

KidzSearch Just click on your username "taboosinss" and then hover/click on your profile picture. You need to click again once you see the "Change Photo" link. At that point you can upload a new profile picture. Personal pictures are not allowed.

taboosinss Oh thanks I will try😀

taboosinss I'm sorry but I tryed and it did not work maybe its just me. I clicked my uesr name like you told me and then I tryed clicking on the link but it would not let me. Maybe its just me.

KidzSearch If you are on a desktop computer, you first need to hover over the top of your profile pic with the mouse (near upper half). You should then see a dropdown menu come down with a message "Change Photo". You need to click it. If you are on a tablet, you need to click the avatar first and then click again on the dropdown message.

MOO73 It worked for me

taboosinss OK thanks

taboosinss Well I'm on a kindle.

Duer ba due


KupKakeDoll Hia

MOO73 Hi