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What are y'all doing for halloween? I'm doing a Harry Potter themed halloween party w/ my closest friends bcz of corona 😒 😒

Kinso Mother and Father aren't letting us go trick or treating and said they aren't buying us a costume.

cactuspot12 Me and a couple of friends are going to hang Halloween night

lunamoonlight Trick or treating is banned right now where i live, plus i have outgrown it according to my mom. I am just gonna eat some store bought candy and watch some halloween movies.

destiny1268 me and my family are having a party

Why is my whole news feed anime?! At least I think it is I'm not sure

lunamoonlight The News Feed is just what people are posting, if you see anime it is because people like anime here.

KnightStar I don't like anime, so it's so confusing lol.

sxphirexo lol