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15 posts in a row in feel like I'm abusing KN

KnightStar i felt like that yesterday... time to abuse them again.

lunamoonlight Nope! I do it a lot.

ArtistGirl lol

KnightStar i don't really post that often (i comment more) so it felt like ks was dying from my abuse lol

JD2005 Nope, lol.


ArtistGirl THANK U LOL

ArtistGirl my username on KT is little potterhead

supernuggets77 I am HP_girl77

GemHeart Thx u

ArtistGirl yep

GemHeart YUP

lunamoonlight Yup

supernuggets77 Happens all the time!!

GemHeart XD YES

supernuggets77 What is your blood status in harry potter??

lunamoonlight I have read half the books... Half-blood ig

ArtistGirl I guess I’m a half-blood since I haven’t seen all the movies


lunamoonlight I know so many muggles and muggleborns though, my friend Madelynn is a Pureblood though.

supernuggets77 Cool I am pure blood!!

GemHeart Pureblood here!

How would you describe your school?

KnightStar hard

Queeny Anti social :)

lunamoonlight *inhales* Crappy education, moral-less kids, idiotic teachers, and no one does anything about it. *says all in one breath*

supernuggets77 Mine is very social and you get cool friends from all over the world cuz it is an international school!

Luna, guess this!!
👨🏻💍 ➡️🔥

lunamoonlight Give me some context, show, movie, music, ect

supernuggets77 Movie

supernuggets77 I would totally die if you couldn't guess!!!

lunamoonlight Ring of Fire? I am clueless.

Guess these emojis hint: some movies

supernuggets77 Anyoneccan guess these if they look at the emojis closely

supernuggets77 Typo mistake never mind

JD2005 So many emojis... 0.0

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This is a typical customer
Sales clerk: what can l do for you??
Customer: hey, listen dude does this place sell toilet paper??
Sales clerk: we do, but sorry we are out of stock
Customer: I'm outta here!!

JD2005 XD


ammyk Tip: just tell as many people as possible that *insert toilet paper brand* causes the coronavirus, and wait for the shelves to get restocked. Then, shop leisurely as people scream and run past. Thank me later.

JD2005 LOL @ammyk!

GemHeart "does Ammy's thing* *walks like a boss down the aisle and gets a pack* People: *stare* Aren't you stared of getting the virus? Me: No, I'm so HOT THAT THE VIRUS'LL DIE IN MY HANDS AHAHHHA People: *scared to death of me* Me: *walks out of the store with my toilet paper*

supernuggets77 This thingI posted has the best comments!! XD

Queen157 Yup