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who plays Dungeons and dragons? I do,

JD2005 I don't.

lunamoonlight Would but dont

Off too VK won't online for 8 days, have a fun week!

JD2005 Bye!

Who here has ever been a homeschooler, I was up till 3rd grade!

GemHeart Still am :)

lunamoonlight For 6th grade i went to online school. I T S U C K E D

KnightStar 1st

KnightStar I have been in online school since 1st till now, 8th

Queeny I have been all my life

greatamazingCheezits I have been since I left preschool

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Sneak preview of my new art style (it’s more realistic now.)
Frodo Baggins manga.

I will miss y’all ;(

greatamazingCheezits :)

lunamoonlight Your art is getting really good Gem! Gonna miss ya!

JD2005 Wow! Will miss ya.


JD2005 Nice!

Going on vacation what should I do in the car????
7 hours with my big sister!

Sophiacodingirl That’s the worst! I have only been on 5 hour trips in the car

Queen157 Bye!

lunamoonlight Seems you have a device and internet, watch Netflix.

cactuspot12 Madlibs, draw, read(if that doesn't make you feel sick)

JD2005 7 hours? Whoa...

lunamoonlight 7 hours is nothing compared to being in a car from where i live to Tennessee. About a 12 hour drive. On the bright side, i got to sleep in a moving car, which i prefer to a stationary bed for some reason.

What is up!

lunamoonlight The ceiling (ba dum tss)

Sophiacodingirl Nuting

JD2005 Nothing really.

lunamoonlight Death.