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Happy mother's day

JD2005 What do you mean? Mother's day falls on the 2nd Sunday of May.

JD2005 @Queeny Oh, I didn't know that.

lunamoonlight Oh, cool

lunamoonlight Oh, cool

KittyKat @Queeny Latin America? What part? I'm here and no one is celebrating. Maybe everyone forgot?

GemHeart Cool!

sunandmoon Its Caribbean Latin America

Queeny Idk about where your from kittycat, but it's a pretty big holiday for Panama (where I'm from)

KittyKat Oh, I'm not in Panama. I'm a little downwards from there.

sunandmoon Oh very cool kittycat ,

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Me irl

JD2005 LOL

FunHeart1010 lol I remember posting this XD I think I am stitch

Pumpkin LOL I love this

Jabber Oh no help me!

KittyKat hehehehe no one else?

forgxtten most of them, I’m just tall.

Queeny I'm 4/6 of them

GemHeart That's me...

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Because false allegations of me "threatening to leave" was put up.

I have felt like KS made me numb and more isolated from the world. I would refresh the page multiple times before I got something new, and just sit there watching the screen. And it only isolated me from the world and made me more depressed when even a little of that numbness would go away because of how empty I felt.

It isn't because of "drama" because of my personal life. I'm taking a break for two months and you can't stop me. Hopefully, till then I'll feel better. But because of these allegations, I'm not even sure I want to go on in two months. I'm not one to threaten. I'm alone. And I just feel so empty, like there is nothing in my life. So please, don't tell me that "Oh you won't actually take a break, you'll be back tomorrow, she's just threatening to leave." Because that's causing me to look at my notification when I'm on the KT tab about to delete and I see that. And being honest, I go on here to feel happy. But lately, no matter the drama or not, I feel more alone and isolated from the rest of the world. Like I'm talking in a void of nothingness.

I love my friends, like @GemHeart and @lunamoonlight @JD2005 etc. But I just need to take and break, for now, just to feel again, so please don't start anything because that makes me go on more and it just makes me feel number to the world. It's nothing anyone did.

JD2005 Okay. I can understand.

FunHeart1010 That's ok Knight I understand. I hope you heal when you are gone. And I always knew that you were gonna leave if you said you would leave! :)

lunalovegoodmolly Okay. I will miss you soooo much.

forgxtten I understand. I believed you, people shouldn’t have said you were just threatening to. And just to clarify, are we still doing Loca Novis or are we putting it on hold? Cuz I really liked doing that, it’s fun.

Pumpkin knight, be reasonable. Don't blame me for you leaving please.

sunandmoon Dude "It's nothing anyone did" u didn't even read the post?

ammyk I understand! Sorry I didn’t see this sooner...

Twentyonepilotsan Aw I'm sorry