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So guys I was not online from last 3 months because....
So I got shifted back in Caliphornia, Sacramento with my family. I didn't get much time to be here I was busy with school and stuff, just a week ago, my family shifted in a house near a vineyard.I am gonna start being here again, so yeah-
I am back

EloquentRacer92 Hello!

JD2005 Welcome back!

Ash Wb!

Dog wants his own iPhone

Clear sky!

JD2005 ✌🏻

cactuspot12 It snowed again today

Mr. spongebob’s stuff toy! My sister loves it idk why?!

JD2005 Cute lol.

Nightcore music is the best! I don’t know why people like daycore?! It sounds horrible! (Daycore lovers please don’t mind)?

lunamoonlight I prefer originals. However i like some nightcore and some daycore

JD2005 Nightcore is great! Do you listen to Sinon? They make really good edits.

lunamoonlight Ooh, in terms of Nightcore makers, Nightcore Eiden is the best i know. Technically his name is Eiden XII now, but i knew him as Nightcore Eiden first. Sinon is pretty good too, same with U N D E R D O G S, but Eiden can make something nightcore, but keep the soul and heart still in the song.

starshine I prefer all.