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Hi guys, rockabillykitty123 here! I am here on KidzNet to have fun! But why are you here? Is it...


that you want to learn about me?

just checking me out

you picked a random profile so you can see their bio?

you're just seeing your friend's bios?

or that you have no reason at all to be here?

or other.


whatever the reason is, you can be here anytime you want. i will post stuff about my greatest adventures and updates about me and my pets.  i will even post memes and lyrics! plus jokes. 

here's an important notice down below:


If I am away from KidzNet for a long time, there is a reason. but if im away for a few days, im taking a break, but then WILL come back. i promise.


thanks for seeing my bio in the new and updated version! i can be googled (you can too) by just searching up my kidznet username. if you wanna be googled, search up YOUR kidznet username.


anyways, thanks again for seeing my bio. 



rockabillykitty123 joined KidzNet on June 2nd, 2019 - 4:52:10 PM