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this is really really hard to say...

but this is my last post forever here.

i did not want to i had to



Pumpkin Cya

Emelyisaway Goodbye :(

Queen157 Stay Strong. Be Confident. Don’t let anything come your way. -Queen

lunamoonlight But Why. I will miss ya rockabilly!

GemHeart Bye! Will miss you ;(

JD2005 😔 😭 😢 Goodbye... I'll miss you....

Pumpkin I am literally crying! 🙀 😿 😓 😞 😓 😩 😪 😵 😭 😢 😫 😿

Pumpkin Goodbye, old friend.

Pumpkin D:

Pumpkin :(

i am so sorry, but i need advice on how to make a club, because i don't know how to make a club

TylerTheDrummer Click on the groups on the left drop-down menu (near the top of the page) and click add group at the bottom of it.


lunalovegoodmolly Go to groups. Hit the drop down. Go to add group and complete the settings they give you. Hope that helps.

CSeriestechhero Once you select the "Add group" button, give your group a name and choose either if you want it public or closed

CSeriestechhero You can choose to change more settings when you head to your created group like give it a cover (image), your group's description and more.

CSeriestechhero also don't forget to share it! Boing!

rockabillykitty123 thanks!

Pumpkin :D

hi guys! i am back!

JD2005 WB!

KnightStar WB!

FortnitePlayer WB!

lunalovegoodmolly Welcome Back!

lunamoonlight WB!