how do u join groups here lol i’m a noob 😛

balcony at la playa~ ☀️

TwilightStarDust Beautiful!

LouTheLuver Beautiful

FunHeart1010 Where is that?

FunHeart1010 Nice tho!

rae it’s kill devil hills in north carolina. on vacation here

aaahaggh i can’t respond to comments because the “post comment” button isn’t appearing but yes, i remember all of you =)

rae i figured it out lol

KidzSearch Great. There is no button. You just hit enter.

rae yes that would be the thing that i figured out


FunHeart1010 I remember this! I tried to get in like a million times,but she never approved of it.

TwilightStarDust Me too.

HELLO i’ve been gone for like a year or two lol i didn’t even know they launched kidznet until yesterday, so.. here i am. 😅

TwilightStarDust Lol a thousand years later!! Welcome!!! You probably barely remember me.

LouTheLuver oh Hi! Remember me? 😆

FunHeart1010 hi rae! I know we had a lot of fights back then, but we can be friends if you want!

TylerTheDrummer Oh I remember you! It's been a REALLY long time! Do you remember me? I was Tyler043007 on KidzTalk!


rae when did we have fights funheart lol

FunHeart1010 In kidztalk anyway we can be firnds tho