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Pumpkin Hi

FairyPrincess Hello

where is the news feed i can't scroll down

lunalovegoodmolly That sometimes happens!

Pumpkin Refreash the page...


lunalovegoodmolly hi!

Pumpkin Hi! Welcome back! I have been thinking about you!

FunHeart1010 WB!

FairyPrincess Welcome back!!

hey, for people still using school computers, you should try a lenovo yoga! it's good for drawing, playing games, and kidznet! (best buy has discounts on them for students it's a bit pricey but worth it. i just don't want people to leave the site!

we watched wonder in class. It was awesome and we even got to play our switches. (the teacher didn’t know what was the point of smash bros)

FortnitePlayer What grade are you in? (sorry if i'm nosey)

FortnitePlayer you are so lucky! The only thing I can bring to school is my backpack, binder, homework,school ipad, and other schools things

lunamoonlight Dude, in my school no one is allowed to bring anything except school supplies unless both the school and the student's parents know the kids is bringing the item and it has a certain purpose, like a stress ball or something.

lunamoonlight And any school electronics stay at school.

poppyweasel32 we got lucky cause if we have a phone except during like, a science event, get it taken and it sits there for the whole day

uh, the news feed broke again...

lunamoonlight Scroll.

Pumpkin ;()

so, i was playing moomoo w/ my friend, and my bro steps on the cord, and i watch as my hard work, disappears, and a blue screen of death appears. then, at night i turn on my pc, it kept blue screening me. i ended up having to reinstall windows 10. the next day, i turn it on, install something, and THE WHOLE PC WAS DEAD. we ended up having to buy a new copy of windows cause i couldnt reset it. ughhhhh and now all my apps are gone

lunamoonlight Well, that's a crappy situation.

poppyweasel32 at least i now have 1903

lunamoonlight I once broke my tablet and we had to redownload all my apps onto a new tablet, which did not save my progress in the transfer and all my work that I built up for years, GONE. I still haven't gotten to the point I was at in anything, so that sucks.

owww. i bit a moving fidget spinner (idk why i thought it would be cool) and my teeth hurts.

lunamoonlight Well, you won't do that again.

KnightStar I did that one time lol

Queeny I stuck my finger between two moving fidget spinners once haha

lunamoonlight Actually I think I've done that even, what is with people and biting fidget spinners?

KnightStar Because it

KnightStar Because it's fun!

Who is hyped for #mineconearth? https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/minecon

lunamoonlight I don't play minecraft, I wouldn't know about this if you didn't post this/

socialsealion19 Uhh...no way. Hate video games. Bye bye

lunamoonlight HOW DO YOU HATE VIDEO GAMES!? I just don't play minecraft, I have played knockoffs before, like blockcraft, it just doesn't interest me.