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owww. i bit a moving fidget spinner (idk why i thought it would be cool) and my teeth hurts.

lunamoonlight Well, you won't do that again.

Who is hyped for #mineconearth? https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/minecon

lunamoonlight I don't play minecraft, I wouldn't know about this if you didn't post this/

socialsealion19 Uhh...no way. Hate video games. Bye bye

lunamoonlight HOW DO YOU HATE VIDEO GAMES!? I just don't play minecraft, I have played knockoffs before, like blockcraft, it just doesn't interest me.

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Dear KidzSearch...Can you allow GIFS? That would be really kool

Kitten yeah

lunamoonlight YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

JD2005 IDK.

JD2005 IDK.

My school is doing a battle of the books thing, its fun! We have to read these books, (some are boring some aren't) and take notes, we then take a test in a group in our old gym building, to get points and win! (sowwy, just realized it was a private post)

Queen157 Cool!

lunamoonlight Cool!

JD2005 Cool!

just me or is the news feed gone?

poppyweasel32 like, theres no posts at all.

FortnitePlayer Happens to me too

GemHeart Just scroll down!

poppyweasel32 no, the whole page was gone

TylerTheDrummer Same....I can't scroll down or anything...I need to post like random things about 3 times to finally scroll down.

poppyweasel32 yeah

does anyone know how to fix a laptop? thanks

Zixxzy No

Zixxzy No

FortnitePlayer Nope sorry

fluffykitten12 no sorry

GemHeart What's wrong with it?

lol so i tried pranking my friend by making a fake ban screen on our school chromebooks but he got... idk what, and smashed my friend's screen and broke and a black line popped up and half the screen died. rip chromebook#12. it was a good 2 years

GemHeart Wow, don't break things that aren't yours...

lunamoonlight Wow.

poppyweasel32 i didnt, my friend did

i just can't take any non desktop thing like a tablet but im fine with laptops just nothing without flash and stuff like that :P

ammyk huh?