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I really want to tell you all about my website! You do not have to use it. I just wanna tell ya. It is a search engine like kidzsearch and it has a bunch of other services like a collection of games, a social media network, mewtube (cat youtube), and I am currently releasing version 4.0 with lots of new features!
It has none of my personal imformation on it.
Named after my cat and Equipped with Microsoft's Bing safe search technologies

AlbiSeli How did you built that?

ammyk Did you buy the domain name?

ammyk wow. This is AWESOME!

Kitten Yes! And it gets just over 5 M views a year!

Kitten Please share this post all

Kitten Ammy k I did buy the domain name! It was 19 dollars

FunHeart1010 Awesome!

KidzSearch Nice site! It looks like you are using Bing for the search? In your directory you have our name and link spelled wrong. Please use (you have which is not a valid site),

Kitten oh.. I'll change it!

KidzSearch Thanks

Kitten Thanks for sharing

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Dear KidzSearch, I wanna ask you something.
On Google, we need to make only one account to access all of their services, e.g. YouTube, Search, Gmail, Maps etc. etc.
But on KidzSearch, we need to make multiple, one account for one specific service, e.g. one for KidzNet, one for KidzTalk, one for KidzTube etc. etc.
Why? I think it'd be great if you can solve this problem. Then we'll need to make just one account to access all of KidzSearch! Hope you'll like this idea.

JD2005 P.S. Friends, if you agree, please share it so KS can see.

JD2005 Thanks!

Happy late Martin Luther king day!

KnightStar (:

lunamoonlight Martin Luther King JR day.

JD2005 Thanks! Same to you!

cookie122105 u too

Queeny :D

FunHeart1010 Same to you! :)

Kiddlol288 Thanks

Kitten Yeet

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Here's a song that I wrote like 2 years ago. It's supposed to sound like "I believe I can fly" (R Kelly)

I used to think that I could not eat pie...
And life was nothing but a piece of cheese...
But now I know the meaning of obesity...
And now I know it starts inside of BEEEEEES
If I can eat it...
Then I can feed it...
If I can eat pie...
I can eat cheese...
I believe cheese is great!
There is no food that I can hate!
I eat it every morning, night, or day!
Spread some butter and eat away...
I believe fruit is poor!
It's too healthy, so kick it out the doooorrr!!
I believe cheese is great!!!
I believe cheese is great!!
Oh I believe cheese is great...

That's as far as I got. I feel like I haven't gotten any less weird since then. 😂

JD2005 AwEsOmE!


petitelouis123 this is actually me

cookie122105 cool

JD2005 Haha this is awesome!


KnightStar Haha

Kitten XD ha ha ha

Thank you for all of your support

cookie122105 ur welccme

JD2005 You are always welcome!

Queeny :D

Kitten Np!