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Happy late Martin Luther king day!

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Here's a song that I wrote like 2 years ago. It's supposed to sound like "I believe I can fly" (R Kelly)

I used to think that I could not eat pie...
And life was nothing but a piece of cheese...
But now I know the meaning of obesity...
And now I know it starts inside of BEEEEEES
If I can eat it...
Then I can feed it...
If I can eat pie...
I can eat cheese...
I believe cheese is great!
There is no food that I can hate!
I eat it every morning, night, or day!
Spread some butter and eat away...
I believe fruit is poor!
It's too healthy, so kick it out the doooorrr!!
I believe cheese is great!!!
I believe cheese is great!!
Oh I believe cheese is great...

That's as far as I got. I feel like I haven't gotten any less weird since then. 😂

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