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what is your favoret food

Crystal Pasta

PrincessLuna Breaded chicken dipped in tomato soup

Minnion Cheese pasta

Minnion Its yummm

AlbiSeli Lasagna!

GemHeart Anything my dad makes besides VEGGIES. Does that count? XD

when I WAS BABY mymather tell you are aclver baby
and I tell heam I was abad boy

FunHeart1010 What?

FunHeart1010 🚓 🚓 🚓 🚓 Typo Police Cadet is giving you a ticket for: Everything you just said.

Madeline lol

I am playing all the time with the computer and the doctor say don't play with the computer alot

Mason Does it hurt to play on the computer

Hello all !!!

Crafter4017 Wilkomen,

FunHeart1010 Isn't that German?

FunHeart1010 HI!

Crafter4017 Yes it is!