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If you don't play animaljam your missing out

oceanseacamel Its an eclipse!

TwilightStarDust I don't because most of the kids that play on it just want a boyfriend/ girlfriend.

TwilightStarDust Or attention so they pretend to be sad.

Crystal No one talks to me on it....

Pugkid I play the 3D version

FunHeart1010 I used to play it!

destiny1268 I love animal jam

I've made a CD by myself!

Crystal …cool…I guess?…

GemHeart Cool. What songs? I made one with 3 songs: Balloons by Mandopony, Nothing Can Hurt Me by Mandopony (fan songs) & Believer by Imagine Dragons.

oceanseacamel I didn't put songs

digglehead I like Believer!

TylerTheDrummer Then what did you put?