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what time is it. where I live in its 5:50

lunamoonlight At the time you posted, it would have been 6:50 here. I libe in Central Standard Time, CST

Sugarrushfa Right now it’s 2:40pm here

EloquentRacer92 4:50

lunamoonlight live*

AyAyItsJake Do u live in Canada?

Sugarrushfa Who?

JD2005 12:42 AM right now.

who plays roblox?

JD2005 I do!

lunamoonlight I have an account I don't use

Happyhorse I don't like to play that game, I would rather to read a book

EloquentRacer92 i play roblox, but i cant share my username because im afraid someone would hack me

lunamoonlight @Happyhorse Same dude

JD2005 @mycatloves99 We're not allowed to share our usernames here.

hey everyone

JD2005 Hi!

EloquentRacer92 hi

Happyhorse Hi Hi!!!

what are yall's favorite three songs?
mine are Blow your mind by Dua Lipa, Levitating by Dua Lipa, and Liar by Camila Cabello

CSeriestechhero Gudang - Augustus, Boards of Canada - Julie and Candy, Gudang - Not kawaii

Catboy101 Dynamite, sweet child o mine, life is fun

lunamoonlight Hm. Currently, Goodnight Demonslayer by Voltaire, I Wish by Tom MacDonald, and either Trying To Kill Me by Tom or History of Violence by Theory of a Deadman.

ammyk Hmm... (WARNING, some of these may be innapropriate for younger kids.) Right now I have Anne Bonny by Karliene stuck in my head, as well a Barbara Manatee by Larry the Cucumber. Also I Love Play Rehearsal by Stephanie Hsu. Actually, I have a lot. I can't think of them all right now.

ammyk Also I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables, sung by Patti Lupone, and The Worst Pies in London from Sweeney Todd sung by Angela Lansbury.

JD2005 Too many to mention, but currently: Darkside by Alan Walker, Let Me Down Slowly by Alec Benjamin and Wake Me Up by Avicii.

Happyhorse Zazepila menya)))))

where do all of you live? I live in Colorado.

lunamoonlight Iowa. Unfortunately. I have lived in Colorado tho, nice place.

KnightStar AL

Ada4 Virginia, but on the urban side near DC

JD2005 India.

Raven Earth

EloquentRacer92 earth

what grade ar all of you in

Raven 7th

JD2005 10th!

Autumn 8th

lunamoonlight @Emelyisaway Huh, I never knew you were older than me lol.

boyyyy77 11th!

KnightStar 8th

mycatlovesme99 @boyyy77 you are in elementry not high school

Emelyisaway @lunamoonlight yeah haha i just turned 15

boyyyy77 no

kittycat22 5

mycatlovesme99 thats a picture of my kitten eating

EloquentRacer92 uh ok