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How many people live in North Carolina????
I do!!!!! what is your favorite part? And do you live near the beach, mountains, or suburban.

TwilightStarDust I live near a small beach and a lot of mountains

mrsstingly cool!!!!!!

mrsstingly and you mean In north Carolina

FunHeart1010 I don't. But we love to watch this show called Andy Griffith where the setting was there in North Carolina!

FunHeart1010 In texas

TwilightStarDust No :( I mean in NM

GemHeart I live in TN. I’ve watched a bit of the Andy Griffin show, if that’s what you mean.

mrsstingly oh yeah that show was in north Carolina

TylerTheDrummer Its Andy Griffith

TylerTheDrummer Its old

hi I live in north Carolina and I was wondering does any one know the capital of my state cause I know my state is not a very popular state so I wanted to see if anybody knows the capital of north carolina

TwilightStarDust Raleigh I believe is the the capital.

mrsstingly you are correct

TwilightStarDust 😁

hey guys I just got on and signed in so I'm new here can you guys help me out also I want to try to do a question of the day todays question is if you could be any animal what animal would you be and why

TwilightStarDust Bird so I could be free and fly were ever I want or a horse basically for the same reason but instead of flying I would run

bookworm a dolphin so i can explore the ocean

FunHeart1010 A horse.

Crafter4017 An owl. I could fly and send letters from hogwarts to people.