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If you see BengalTiger...she is my friend! I introduced her to Kidznet.... PLS follow her

mockingjay222 Is anyone on???

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I decided to post some of a story I wrote....check it out!

I woke up and realized my sister Holly stole the covers again... I sigh. She's been doing it ever since her friend's family moved West. I guess she was trying to hold on to what she has left. I grabbed the spare covers from the edge of the bed. I didn't want to bother her this early in the morning. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but I heard my parents arguing. I freeze. My parents never argued. Never in my life of 12 years so far had I heard my parents argue.

.....To Be Continued

hungergamesgirl888 lol brynlie that story is like 10 pgs long u can't post the WHOLE THING!!!!!!!

GemHeart Yes, you can post it!! You can post it in a group and I'll come check it out. I love reading yall's stories!

JD2005 Wow! I want more!

mockingjay222 THANKS SO MUCH

hungergamesgirl888 comment! This is a really good story so when Bryn posts the rest of it, be sure to read

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Hey guys!! I'm new to Kidznet... I'm not really sure what to post, but would you give me some ideas.... FYI I love hunger games if you haven't seen by my usercode

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hungergamesgirl888 me too!!!! I like the hunger games more than brynlie… like not even kidding look at teamkatniss on KidzTalk bc that was me