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Today I got sick and despite my social distancing practices I have to get a COVID test

lunamoonlight Fun. One of the kids at my Robotics got strep throat, i'm sure he had to take the test too.

CSeriestechhero OK

CSeriestechhero We wish you luck!

Queen157 Oh god... praying for you

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Now, I'm not going to flood the news feed, but this one is cool. It's a Harry Potter one! And I will put two in because I most likely won't make a Harry Potter one again and there's a lot.

None of this is real, just in Harry's head:

I love this theory, so it's not mine as most of these most likely aren't I'm just researching and bringing this to you. But I live this one, and the idea, in general, is a sad one, that none of it was real and all in Harry's head. A lot of people like to end this with everything with a series, like, "THIS IS A FEVER DREAM!"

The Things wrote about this theory it's self was, "This is a theory that’s actually quite depressing because it portrays Harry as a mad man instead of a hero and pretty much tells us that nothing was real." This is how I see it and why I think this one is a sad one, one we HP fans don't like to want to believe because it isn't real (this theory.)
Basically, to sum it all up, because of his abuse from the Dudley's he started hallucinating. Starving him, which is why. And when Hagrid comes along in the "show", makes Harry feel like he is real and basically drifts him away from reality.
Anyways, in total this one is stupid and little to no info.

This is one I believe in, one that Dumbledor is DEATH. If you don't know what this means, it's from the Tale of The Three brothers which is a huge part of HP and revolves around the plot so if you don't know what that is you aren't an HP fan. The theory is that Voldemort is the first son, Snape is the second and Harry is the third. With more info, like Snape being the second brother because he died for Lily even though Lily died years beforehand, he died for her son, Harry which he did only for his true love Lily.
The third brother, Harry, was given the invisibility cloak which is the same as the books/movies which is some more based on facts. Also because Albus has the three, the Elder wand, stone, cloak under his possession the same as death himself.

Anyways, bye from now with these stupid theories!

lunalovegoodmolly I hate the first one. It would ruin hp for me if I believed it so I have choosen not to.

forgxtten same Llm. The second one makes sense tho.

GemHeart That would ruin me (the first). SOOOO (I've seen some crazy theories)

FunHeart1010 Yeah, I remember reading about the second one. yikes

forgxtten I also believe the second theory.

Twentyonepilotsan What is Dumbledore was a folower to voldermort (not a theory)

Twentyonepilotsan :-)

KnightStar TOPSAN (should I call you that?), suppose he had the Deatheater mark but he was on the opposite side, in fact the leader of the opposite side. And he then had let Snape, and even spent awhile planning his death, kill him right after Draco wimped out which showed his true passion for Voldy's defeat.


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