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Hope u all have a great school year

KupKakeDoll Jeez don't remind me

MOO73 Why did you remind me?

Jenny Thx, and I had 😂

Apples8228 Same to you

Pumpkin same!

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#CindyStrong ❤❤. Repost!

TwilightStarDust Cute!!

LouTheLuver #LUV

FunHeart1010 you have my hand writing! witch is a good thing!

Cindy7872AJ @PaigeGuitarGirl Good to know!

TylerTheDrummer That's not how you spell "which".

Jenny Wow!

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I'm hungrrrrrrry what should I cook?

TwilightStarDust A cup cake LOLL

mathgirl22 chesecake

KupKakeDoll Yummm

KupKakeDoll I just ate cookies lol

MOO73 Noodles

Apples8228 Soup

KS, how do i get into a group

KidzSearch On the left menu you just click on Groups. In order to see that menu, you need to click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left (looks like a hamburger). After you click on groups, you will see many that you can explore. They can also be searched. You can join one by just clicking on the "Join Group" button at the top of a group page. The Group owner must then approve you. Once you are in the group, you will be able to participate in discussions and that group will appear on the main menu for easy access later. You can also create any group you like by clicking "+ Add Group" on the main left side menu.

mathgirl22 thank u

MOO73 It isn't working for me

KidzSearch You need to wait for it to be approved by the group owner.

MOO73 I mean if I click on groups it won't go

KidzSearch Does this link work for you Once you click on the groups link, you may need to wait a bit for it to load based on your device. Are you on a desktop or tablet/mobile? Other people seem to be able to access it okay. You might also try logging out of your account and then back in to see if it helps.

mathgirl22 yas

mathgirl22 yes