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Hey! I'm Luna, here are some facts about me!

Name -Nunya Biz.

Likes -I like nighttime, sketching, listening to music, poetry and writing, anime, manga, and gacha, ect.

Dislikes -People, crowds, bullies, and people who set off my anger.

Style - I like goth clothes, but usually wear casual clothes.

Mental? -I have ADHD, and I used to suffer from depression but have gotten through it. I have very bad anger issues and if you activate my anger, good luck. I also may have anxiety. I have shakes sometimes, including when i get overemotional.

Music -I have always like listening to music and I like metal, rock, and some rap, some pop, and i love indie bands. Some of my favorite bands are Shinedown, Skillet, Linkin Park, Icon For Hire, Skarlett Riot, NF (not a band, but a rapper), Imagine Dragons, Bad Wolves, Panic! At The Disco, Alec Benjamin (singer), SVRCINA (angel-voiced singer), Faouzia, Faith Marie, Three Days Grace, and many many more.

Other -I write poetry a lot. My favorite color is black, my second favorite is blue, my third is purple and my fourth is red. I used to be/am being bullied. 

That's about it and all you need to know about me! 







































My best friends that I have known the longest here on KidzNet and on KidzTalk, the ones who have been there since Moo Moo's club, are:


Jay has always been one of the sweetest and kindest users on KidzNet/KidzTalk and is someone who will always try to help. Thanks for being there Jay!


Gemmy was the first friend I made here on KidzTalk and KidzNet, we became friends after an argument on KidzTalk and she is the reason I started drawing anime, and since then I have decided I want to be a manga artist when I grow up, so I guess I owe that to Gem. Other than that, she is the older, Orlando-crazed sister of KidzNet and a great friend. Thanks for being a friend Gemmy Gem-Gem!


Knight was probably the second friend I made along with her sister Queeny. Knightsy is nice, a bit random, and an awesome friend to have. You're a great person Knight, we are happy to have you here!


Ah yes, the other Luna you will see scrolling down on the News Feed. LLM is a fantastic friend to have, she cares about animals and created the KidzNet hashtag #HelpTheWolves to spread awareness about endangered wolves and finding ways to help them. She cares about our world a lot. Thanks for being active, my HP-loving friend, LLM!!


The macabre artist of KidzNet. A terrific artist, good friend, and also likes cursed and disturbing things... like the pig thing... But anyway, great friend to have, and just the right amount of horror. Her sis is Knight. Keep it creepy Queeny.

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