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Hey! I'm Luna, here are some facts about me!

Name -My name is Jaden, though I go by Jade or Jay irl, I still prefer Luna.

Likes -I like nighttime, sketching, listening to music, poetry and writing, anime, manga, and gacha, ect.

Dislikes -People, crowds, sunlight, bullies, discriminators (homophobics, transphobics, racists, sexists, religion-bashers ect), and people who set off my anger.

Style -Emo-casual. Basically, a bunch of black T-shirts, jeans, and a hoodie. Although I like pastel goth stuff.

Mental? -I have ADHD, and I used to suffer from depression but have gotten through it. I have self-diagnosed social anxiety. I have very bad anger issues and if you activate my anger, good luck.

Music -I have always like listening to music and I like metal, rock, and some rap. Some of my favorite bands are Shinedown, Skillet, Linkin Park, Icon For Hire, Skarlett Riot, NF (not a band, but a rapper), Imagine Dragons, Bad Wolves, Panic! At The Disco, Alec Benjamin (singer), SVRCINA (angel-voiced singer), and many many more.

Other -I write poetry a lot. My favorite color is black, my second favorite is blue, my third is purple and my fourth is red. I used to be/am being bullied. Oh, and I am the gayest lesbian you will ever meet.

That's about it and all you need to know about me! 🏳️‍🌈







































My best friends that I have known the longest here on KidzNet and on KidzTalk, the ones who have been there since Moo Moo's club, are:


Jay has always been one of the sweetest and kindest users on KidzNet/KidzTalk and is someone who will always try to help. Thanks for being there Jay!


Gemmy was the first friend I made here on KidzTalk and KidzNet, we became friends after an argument on KidzTalk and she is the reason I started drawing anime, and since then I have decided I want to be a manga artist when I grow up, so I guess I owe that to Gem. Other than that, she is the older, Orlando-crazed sister of KidzNet and a great friend. Thanks for being a friend Gemmy Gem-Gem!


Knight was probably the second friend I made along with her sister Queeny. Knightsy is nice, a bit random, and an awesome friend to have. You're a great person Knight, we are happy to have you here!


Ah yes, the other Luna you will see scrolling down on the News Feed. LLM is a fantastic friend to have, she cares about animals and created the KidzNet hashtag #HelpTheWolves to spread awareness about endangered wolves and finding ways to help them. She cares about our world a lot. Thanks for being active, my HP-loving friend, LLM!!

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