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A person-

"I read somewhere that you can only study for 45 minutes or something, and we've been studying for an hour, so if my math is correct im owed at least a 30 minute break."
Me- Oh honey you need all the studying you can get if you think thats correct.

I dont know how, but something is messing with my internet. When i look at the WiFi thing at the top of my screen it says i have a good internet connection, but when i am watching a video, it keeps pausing every ten seconds or less like i dont have internet. Its only at my moms house, it doesnt happen at my grandmas and my grandma has worse internet than my mom does usually.

Unless it is a reaction from RobertIDK, Gloom, Azzyland, Bijuu Mike or LaurenZside, i am not watching My Stody Animated anymore. Why? Well...

So one of my favorite YouTubers, Jay from Kubz Scouts, has been reacting to My Story Animated for a long time. He always credited them, left a link in the description, ans made sure people knew who made the viseos he was reacting to. So MSA basically threatened to copyright strike him if he didnt delete his reaction videos. Jay isnt the type of person who would say no to that, and to avoid arguing he deleted all of his MSA reaction videos. It was either the videos would get deleted or his channel from copyright strike so he deleted the videos. Its a load of bull crap but he deleted them anyway. And then MSA made a post about Kubz before ignoring them about it. MSA tried to say they messaged him on YT. Well, Kubz said in a video he did not know how to check those, he googled it, and that hasnt been a feature since 2018. Try again MSA. Then they said they emailed him, Kubz confirmed that they emailed him threatening to copyright strike him and then MSA went to youtube to tell youtube to give him 7 days or his channel would be deleted if he didnt delete the videos. Again, Kubz had no problem doing so. I have watched Kubz for a couple of years now, i know that he has ALWAYS credited them and similar channels, so the fact he had to delete them was bull in the first place, but if he had argued about it his channel would have probably been deleted. I hate MSA for doing that. Jay's channel is everything to him (he said so) and MSA tried to almost destroy for no plausible reason. I will still watch some other channels react to MSA just to support those channels, but i am not going to watch the actual MSA videos just because they are jerks.

I am watching a Powered By Rainbows live stream. So far while i have been there i have comforted a person in chat, started a rainbow glue trend, and the person on the stream has sung Lost Dog while wearing dog ears and a Scooby Doo shirt. That isnt even the weirdest part.

lunamoonlight I should watch those more often, that was fun. That definitely wont be posted though.

lunamoonlight Emojis i used while typing in the chat- 🥚🤣😂🍭🍬🐕🐶🐩💜💙💚💛❤👉👈🏳️‍🌈🙃

If you found the deathnote notebook, what would you do with it?

For those who do not know, the deathnote notebook is something where you can write down someones name, a time, and a method of exicution and they will die that way, at that time, on that day. No consequences but your own consious. You can use it however you want on whoever you want. Personally, i couldnt do it. Its weird, i would probably be able to murder someone by myself (not that i intend to at this time) and i wouldnt feel that guilty, but with the notebook, i would feel more guilty even though i didnt directly do it. I suppose its either because with doing it myself there is no question if i am guilty or not however with notebook there is a bit of question and also i would probably get caught and pay for it if i did it myself and i would face jail and something to even the scale whereas if wouldnt feel right getting away with it.

lunamoonlight Oh yeah, of you use ot, you cant go to heaven or hell.

JD2005 I won't use it either.

Queeny Of course I wouldn't use it. Murder is murder, directly or not it'd still be wrong. I can't even think of anyone I want dead, even if I hated someone to my core I still wouldn't do it.

My favorite part of Wolf in Sheep's Clothing-

"If i could kill you, i would, but its frowned upon in all fifty states"
Me- Uh yeah, unfortunately it is XD
"Having said that, BURN IN *HECK*" *hold note for like 7 seconds, which is quite a feat without loosing breath*
Me- *smiling psychotically*

My schedule on weekdays-
Somewhere between 7 and 9 am- Mom wakes me up and so does my dog Angel
After waking up- I get dressed, go downstairs, let the big dogs out of their kennels, let them outside to use the bathroom, feed and water the animals.
Around 9 30- Get a call from my mom saying she wants five eggs and 2 peices of toast (the same thing almost every day) and make myself whatever is there.
10- Let the dogs out again. Probably start watching subbed anime in the living room.
11- Text Grace to see if she is awake yet, probably not.
11 50- Mom goes on her lunch break and i make food, usually something quick.
12- If Grace is awake, ask if she can hang out at 1.
12 15- Mom goes back to work.
1- If Grace can hang out, go to the library from 1 to 3, if not oh well.
3 30- Mom gets off work, i switch the TV from Hulu to Netflix so she can watch whatever.
4- Probably go upstairs if i can and draw or listen to music or go on KN and YT.
7- Go take a shower.
9- "Go to bed" and go on my tablet until i feel like falling asleep
12-3- Fall asleep.


Same thing except i do more chores and try to be upstairs more.

Diabolik Lovers characters-
Reiji (black hair with glasses)- Supreme a-hole.
Kanato (purple hair with a teddy bear)- Sociopath, run far, far away.
Shu (blondie locks)- Lazy.
Ayato (red head)- Still an a-hole but not as much as Reiji.
Subaru (albino)- Violent tsundere who punches walls.
Laito (fedora)- I can describe him in one word and even though it is moderate i am not sure if i can use it here.
Yui (the girl)- A freaking idiot.
Kou (very blonde)- The gay cousin (not really but... at the same time definitely so)
Azusa (blue hair and bandages)- Masochist.
Ruki (black hair)- Probably the most NORMAL one besides Yui.
Yuma (dirty blonde)- A-hole, about the same amount of a-hole as Reiji only Yuma actually has a personality to go along with it.
Cordelia (purple haired woman)- *beep* or yuriman. Is with Richter.
Richter- I dont know really, the storyline in the anime isnt very... followable. Cordelia's "other one" is the best i can come up with.

That is the ones in the anime anyway whose characters are explained. There are more, like at least 6, but i dont have the games or manga or anything currently except the first season of the anime because Hulu got rid of the second (though i have seen the second).

Some random person in youtube comments "Waffles are just pancakes with abs"

GemHeart WOWza

JD2005 XDD

Me and my mom were having a conversation. She called me girly. *random frantic arm movements* HOW!?!?! I am NOT girly! Okay, maybe i like unicorns and have like 6 or 7 or more in my room and i have blonde hair like barbie with bedhead, but i am not girly.

GemHeart I’m not either LOL

Queen157 You look girly (in my head) but you have a non- girly personality

Queen157 You look girly (in my head) but you have a non- girly personality

KnightStar maybe not now, but im sure you were haha

lunamoonlight I havent been girly in years. And my appearence isnt really girly. Dark blue eyes, blonde almost brown hair that looks like a rats nest, acne, glasses, and casual or emo clothing.