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I feel like (sorry Kitten) crap. I have a headache, and I am freezing and burning up at the same time. I didn't eat any dinner tonight because if I did, I would have vomited. I just went to bed.

Kitten oof, it's okay...

JD2005 Oof...

lunamoonlight And I have had nightmares so

lunamoonlight No so. All night*

Autumn Oof. Hope you'll feel better.

lunalovegoodmolly Okay. I felt slightly like that yesterday but not like vomiting. I hope you feel better.

ArtistGirl oof. I felt like that last week

Jabber salamtik ( arabic for get well soon, sorry ur sick )

What is the most fun thing to do in your town?

For my town, there are three things to do. Go to the park, the pathetic skate park (one ramp with a rusted out rail), and the library. Most people go to the library since it has books, games, and a Wii.

Queen157 IT HAS A WIII!!!! TAKE ME!!!

lunalovegoodmolly I LOVE WIIS! I HAVE ONE AT MY HOUSE!

Jabber My town is REALLY boring, we have a park infant of our house, but thats about it.

Queeny There's a couple good trampoline and skating parks around and a library (though it's a bit far from where I live so I don't go often) in my town.

Didn't bother to post Animator screenshots for-

Ray Gardner
Eddie Mason

lunamoonlight Akinator*

JD2005 Akinator himself!? WOW XD

lunamoonlight Yup

Prepare for Akinator screenshots.

JD2005 *preparing himself*

I defeated him!! I tried Eiden XII/ Nightcore Eiden and he didn't get it! WOOHOO!!!

(Talking about akinator)

JD2005 Looks like I did too. I was thinking of Subhas Chandra Bose, and answered the questions 7-8 times, and every time either Akinator guessed wrong, had technical errors or even gave up. LOL.

13 questions... How?

Me- Hahaha, Ankibator will NEVER get this one... DARN IT


lunamoonlight Took 20 for Plu but 70 for Loki?

JD2005 LOL



LesbianWolfFurry Karma is my favorite character, awesome

17 questions... HOW DID IT GET KORO-SENSEI?

GemHeart That's the wrong anime title but still, kudos!

LesbianWolfFurry Actually, it was right. Securly blocks the English version of the game to I play the Russian version and something translates it. Everything appears in broken English, like the fact that it says "not" instead of "no"

JD2005 I see.


lunamoonlight The gayest Angel Beats character...