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For Game of Talents (a game show), one of the possible talents was Cabaret Singer for the last episode. I'm currently watching the show, and I swear if it's Voltaire-

(Lol, it won't be, he's too well known among the goths to be on the show.)

Use this as your PFP lol

PurpleMochi :000000 ME IS FROG YESSSSSSS

Two new charcoal drawings. I like charcoals now lol.

lunalovegoodmolly it's so pretty

JD2005 Good job!

youngshezzy15 nice

DukeSilver Dang, luna, you charcoal witch

lunamoonlight :)

lunamoonlight I used graphite (HB) for the outline, then traced it with a hard charcoal, then I used the hard charcoal to do some rough shading, then I used a blending stump to blend it all. Those blending stumps can make a huge difference.

Yusss Pwetty :O

DukeSilver I've tried charcoal, but, I mean, you've seen how terrible of an artist I am. Plus, charcoal just frustrates me.

I botched the face, but the shading is good!

JD2005 Nice!

youngshezzy15 nice