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So I am watching video of manga (Not anime, it is like the camera going from frame to frame of a manga) and every frame I am amazed at the artwork, and I think about how long each frame would have taken the artist, especially ones with a lot of detail or a busy scene.

lunalovegoodmolly Yup

KnightStar Lol. Yeah, I always watch vids like that but only scary manga, very bloody and horror. There's a video on how they do it, I'm amazed from where the creator came from {of that video I hadn't even said the name of }

Queeny What manga is it?

GemHeart Yeah, IKR!? Manga takes me forever. and the digital manga is good-looking but traditional manga can look awesome!

KnightStar Yes, which one?

Kon'nichiwa! Ogenkidasuka?

GemHeart Kou! Anta?

KnightStar We can't put Japanese characters! ugh

Sativa, my new kitten!

Autumn Awww I'm melting.


lunalovegoodmolly OMG SOOOO CUTE!!!!

Holahi Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

GemHeart Aw, I've always wanted a cat ;d

GemHeart *;D

Autumn How is Sativa now?

FunHeart1010 Same Gem.

KnightStar awwww

lunamoonlight She is okay, getting food (which currently is a combination of formula milk and canned food).


Doctor- I am afraid I have bad news and worse news. Which do you want to hear first?
Patient- Bad news I guess.
Doctor- My diagnosis is that you have 2 days to live.
Patient- What's the worse news?
Doctor- I have been trying to tell you that for 2 days.

lunalovegoodmolly OMG

ArtistGirl I always make dark jokes tho... like, Me: *throwing my mouse at the wall because it won’t work* Everyone else at the vet:

Queeny Dark humor is like food in Africa, not everyone gets it- some random youtube comment

lunamoonlight My friend told me this joke off of a website for dark humor jokes. It is just one that got stuck in ma brain.

FunHeart1010 XDD AG

GemHeart I like some dark humor, LOL. Anyway, my dad makes some racist comments towards almost all races, I only do when I'm at home so I don't get beat up XD

KnightStar Yeah, same Gem, were pretty racist towards everyone XD, in peoples non dark humor minds at least

GemHeart It's not like we hate others, but it's fun to make fun of people. As long as they're not listening XD

KnightStar Yeah, us too, making fun of people silently.

lunamoonlight I don't make racist jokes, I don't make fun of people when they aren't listening unless it is someting I would say to their face or have, and only if they 100% deserve it.

No winner for this week's contest! Will post a new theme or starter tommorrow for the next contest. PLEASE ENTER!

lunamoonlight Sorry to the two people who entered, your stories were very good!

lunalovegoodmolly Will do.

Kitten Everyone's a winner!

ArtistGirl ok Ill enter the next one. so sorry I was busy

lunamoonlight It's okay


lunamoonlight New theme is up on KT

Was watching SSSniperWolf, and in the video, she was reacting to a scenario, this was hilarious-

Person - *going on a jog*
Kid in a car - RUN FAT (beep)!
Kid's mom - *turns the car around and makes her kid run 5 miles with Person while driving by the sidewalk*

lunalovegoodmolly Omg

Forgot about this, cover I made for Rise of the Wolves.

lunalovegoodmolly cool

Kitten Wow!

Thinking of ideas for Rise of the Wolves! If ya got any let me know! Here was the last chapter -

lunamoonlight Also, I have chapters trailer- 11 in the Rise of the Wolves club, if you need, you'll have to go to KT completely for 12-14.

KnightStar i still don't get the Rick Roll's thing, can someone explain??? I only know dear Debbie's is better -_-


GemHeart The Rick Roll thing comes from I don't know what, but I do know YT used it one day so everything you pressed on on the main page became a Rick Astley music vid

I had a couple kids (jokingly) pretend to get mad at me for assuming their gender by me saying "hey dude". 1. I call everyone dude, girls, guys, other. 2. They were guys, it is what they were and identified as. They were telling me that some people were dudettes, I will never call someone dudette, it sounds weird as heck to me. I just call everyone dude so much it is basically a reflex after I say "hey". Soo...

Hey dudes!

lunalovegoodmolly I get it

KnightStar Lol, I can't say gurls because it reminds me too much of my mom waking my up in the morning, so I says, "HEEEEYYY GUUYYYSSS" *everyone sighs* "It's that weirdo again."

ammyk Yeah, dudette just sounds wrong.

Queeny Saying dudette reminds me of smurfette and I don't want that image in my head whenever I address my friends

lunamoonlight You know what, I should have a dude counter, like with the Pottah and bloody hell.

Extended deadline for this week's story contest due to lack of entries!

Since there are only 2 entries, the deadline for the contest will be tonight. If there are no more entries than the current two there will not be a declared winner. You may enter more than once.

lunalovegoodmolly Kk. May enter again. LOL

KnightStar I DID!!!

Kitten Ok