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Riddle paradox... kinda

If someone who has told the truth their entire life says "I have told a lie", is that sentence true or a lie?

Here's where the paradox part plays in a bit- If the sentence, "I have told a lie" is false, or a lie, then that would make the sentence true, as it would be their lie, but in becoming true, it would become a lie again because the sentence would no longer be a lie if it was true, so it becomes a lie, and so forth goes on and on.

My brain works weird, I think about this more often than I should.

lunamoonlight I made dis btw

lunamoonlight If you don't get it, it's fine, my mind does things others don't understand a lot.

Ash I think that sentence is true. Idk though

GemHeart I get it o...o

GuitaristKid I cant wrap my head around it LOL

GuitaristKid owie

JHAMMER2 He is lieing

JD2005 🤯

I'm essentially doing an art style challenge. One artist I'm trying to mimic is Abigail Larson. It looks more like Abigail Larson mixed with Total Drama lol

lunamoonlight And that is not a good thing lol

Pumpkin Nice

Ash Total Drama is a great style, wdym?

lunamoonlight Total Drama is alright for what it's used for, but I personally dislike it.

I got some markers today, I ended up getting ArtistLoft ones because they were the cheapest ones that didn't say "Sharpie". Micheals had Copics. They were in a glass case, 7-8 bucks PER MARKER. HOLY CRAP.


Queeny Like I said, they're literally the most expensive markers ever lol. I got a pack of ArtistLoft alcohol markers on Christmas 2018, unfortunately they're all dried up now T.T If you're looking for affordable markers that are great quality, I would 100% recommend Ohuhu. You can buy a 100 pack on amazon for about $40.

Ash Super expensive..

ammyk Wow.

JD2005 Wow.

#QoTD for pet owners!
Schedule or free feeding? Basically, does your pet have constant access to food (free), or do they only get food a few specific times a day (scheduled)?

All of our animals, both dogs and cats, have always had free feeding. We make sure their dishes are always full. I remember my mom saying this is better for the animal's weight because if they only eat a few times, they will eat the whole bowl each time because they won't know when their next meal is. But if it's always available, they usually go through almost a bowl a day for each animal, and they aren't big bowls.

PurpleMochi Free feeding, but we won’t refill her bowl instantly cause she will get overwheaight

KnightStar We do free feeding too. Sometimes my dog gets boiled chicken as a very special treat lol. This is once a week--

GemHeart Lola has free, rn Abe has scheduled until we can get him to tell us when he has to use the bathroom, then he will switch to free.

GemHeart *had

Ash Aw, I wish I had a pet! Are your dogs hard to take care of?

KnightStar @Ash, it's like having a child. You have to vaccine them, feed them, take them a bath, make sure they have a bunch of room to run around. You can't leave them alone either because they'll get anxiety and cry through the day. ALSO, HAVE A BACKYARD FOR THEM. Keeping your dog cooped up isn't nice :(

lunamoonlight If they are indoor dogs, and don't have much energy, they are fine inside. But make sure to have a place they can do their business outside. And also, dogs are fine with weight as long as they know food will always be available. Otherwise they'll eat too much.

TylerTheDrummer Our dog is usually fed 3 times or more a day, but not really on a strict schedule. If we know he wants some food, we'll fill up his bowl.

JD2005 @Ash Same!

Pumpkin Schedule, Schedule, and Schedule!!



GemHeart IDK... not art supplies, but I was trying to find a book by Yoh Yoshinari: cheapest was $73, and I’m like: w h y

EloquentRacer92 Because people are into online art now.

Ash Because sketching is kinda a trend

lunamoonlight Markers and pencils especially. If you want something other than Crayola good luck

I was looking into some art supplies. I saw one kind of watercolor-colored pencil mix on a recommended art supply list. Cretacolor aqua monolith woodless watercolor pencils. Then I looked up the price. For one pack of 12, it's $46. For 12. You can get twice that of Prismacolor for half of the price. A 72 pack is over $200. Holy crap. Guess I won't see those in my future lol.

lunamoonlight A 12 pack of copic markers is shown as the same, $46, what the heck-

Queeny Copic markers are the most expensive markers in the world lol. 1 marker costs $8 at my local Micheal's. They're premium stuff, basically status symbols in the art world. If you can afford copics, you're seen as a god-

JD2005 @Queeny O Goddess, I pray for thy blessings! *Bows*

GemHeart I try to shop cheap but my printer paper always drags down my quality T.T

lunamoonlight I'm even looking on Blick's website, since we have a store within an hour away, and it's supposed to be one of the cheapest websites for buying art supplies, and yet a 12 pack for a lot of markers is $40

Ash Why so expensive? Do they work well?

Queeny @JD2005 I appreciate thy bows, yet unfortunately I am but a mere mortal still in pursuit of the heavenly supplies 😔

lunamoonlight @Ash Yes, copics are one of the most recommended markers out there, but they are hecka expensive.

JD2005 @Queeny 😔