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I was trying to find a job generator website for characters, and I found one, it loaded slowly, so I went to see how many cookies it was taking. 256. That is a lot. Websites like Google Docs take 30, KidzNet takes 26, but 256, holy-

CoralSophie08 256 geeeeeez-

Currently writing another story. It's going to be, if I can keep my focus, a longer story. Queeny is currently my tester for it, so she's been giving me advice on it and feedback on how it sounds. If anyone who's Gmail I know wants to be a tester, just let me know either here or on Online Students. The story will be horror, more of a mental horror one. Once it is finished, I intend on posting it on KidzTalk, but if you want to be a tester, and you have my Gmail, let me know (tell me on here or the doc, don't email me).

GUESS WHO HAS NO SCHOOL BECAUSE OF SNOW TODAY! (and no robotics and no anime club yesterday, but still).

JD2005 Ya- Wait... Are you happy or sad? I guess you're happy, then YAY!

lunamoonlight Happy lol

CoralSophie08 Nice. We only get 4 hours in-person of school per week, and last week was MLK day and a snow day the next day, so...

CoralSophie08 Also you have ANIME CLUB?!?!

New post in Random Rants about well, America I guess. Read at the risk of your emotions.

I was watching a movie once, called The Ultimate Gift. It's an amazing movie, the plot is both interesting and meaningful. The basic description would be that an arrogant dude, who's always known wealth and privilege his whole life, had his grandfather die. He expects an inheritance, but his grandfather left behind a series of videos, each part of his will, and a different test for him. Every test, his grandfather is teaching him something, such as the value of hard work, true friends, and such. And the dude goes through all of them to get his inheritance, "The Ultimate Gift". It's a good movie, it really is, I loved it.

JD2005 Sounds really good!

Idk if other people think the same thing but-

When I look at eye colors, real or fake, any color looks about normal, black eyes (or extremely dark brown) look very.. alive, and innocent to me, meanwhile, light eyes, like a really light blue, looks very soulless, and maybe sinister. The only reason I can think of why is because of Zyliths dad from Freaking Romance for the light eyes, and for darker eyes, I had a friend a long time ago who had that type of personality and dark eyes, and another friend now who's the same, and also a YTer named RobertIDK, same.

Queeny Agree lol. I think it's 'cause dark eyes make the pupils look bigger, and humans translate big pupils = happiness/friendliness. For people with very light eyes, it's more noticeable when their pupils are smaller, which might translate as being cold or unfriendly. My dad has the clearest blue eyes I've ever seen on someone, but his pupils are usually very small, which makes staring at him in the eyes a bit intimidating vs my mom, who has dark brown eyes.

KnightStar Dark eyes seem more innocent to me too. Lighter eyes seem more feline - aka more "sinister".

JD2005 Same lol.

EloquentRacer92 now ur judging people by eye color

GemHeart Same, but since I draw unusual colors a lot, I think certain warmer cold colors (like certain browns lol, teals, etc) look really pretty- but you have to draw them a certain way so the person don’t look demonic—-

lunamoonlight @EloquentRacer92 Lol, not really, it's just how people appear to me. I'm not saying people with light eyes are evil, nor that people with dark eyes are always good, it's just how they look to me.

lunamoonlight "warmer cold colors" 0.0

JD2005 Yay, I was right! 😎

GemHeart I got Rolling Star off that album a year ago :D

JD2005 Nice song :)

tacoboi i like the picture im not a simp tho

tacoboi its a good pic

lunamoonlight It's a song link

Me signing up for a school website-
Picture- (below)
Title- Person floating in the universe.
Bio- I like art, music, and creative writing. Sup.
Pronouns- She/Her
Links- Link 1, Link 2

lunamoonlight (did not make picture, used PicCrew)

JD2005 Wow, that's cute!

lunamoonlight (Yes, i had to choose those links for anyone who views my page)

JD2005 lol