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Yo Knight. I found out when you go to the horror section, there is one of the main tags as yandere, if you click that it gives you the top yandere horror stories. From what i see there arent k-pop one shots, lmao.

I found some old 5th grade stories. Then were absolute crap and will never see the light of day again.

For anyone who ever thinks of spoiling a book for anyone-

One time in my brother's school, he had been reading a 7-book long series (before someone asks, no it was not HP). He loved the series. Right before he was about to read the 7th book, some kid spoiled it and told him his favorite character died, which my bro checked and was true. Since then, he has not willingly read a book and he is a dumb-dumb.

Another horror story. A little longer, sorry, it was required to be 1-2 pages and it is exactly 2 Google doc pages long.

One sad day, a young girl named Angela Morgan went missing from a small town called Santa Willos. She went missing for many days, going on into weeks, then months and so on. After several years, the girl was declared legally dead. Her parents, Julia and Thomas Morgan, had a funeral for her on a cold winter morning. Most of their friends and family had been invited. Her parents and the rest of the party cried and said goodbyes.
Later the day of the funeral, her parents were home and the guests had all left. Her parents were in their living room, drinking hot chocolate and staring at the fireplace. They were having a small conversation while in the comfort of the warm house.
“It’s such a cold day outside, i wish the weather could have been warmer if we had to be outside all morning,” Julia, the mother, complained.
To which, Thomas, the father, replied, “True, true, but at least it is warm in here, my dear”.
Julia found her gaze going around the room and landing on the window. There was nothing overly special out the window, some snow, leafless trees, some bushes, and some grass poking through the sheet of white. But I suppose, if you knew what lay under the grass and snow, you might think differently. Soon, Thomas found his gaze set in a similar direction.
“Do you think they will ever find out?” Julia queried.
Thomas furrowed his brow. “No. We’re her parents, who would think we were the ones who killed her?”
Julia sighed. “I suppose you’re right.”
Just as she said that, her phone rang with an unknown number. She figured it was a spam call and ignored it. The number called again. This time she picked up the phone and put it on speaker.
“Hello, who is this?” Julia asked the unknown caller.
“Oh sorry, I forgot you didn’t have my number yet,” a voice answered. The voice was female, about early to mid-twenties. It sounded in the background like she was driving.
“Who is this?” Julia persisted.
“Oh! Sorry, probably should have mentioned that. It’s your daughter, Angela,” said the voice.
Julia’s eyes widened and looked at her husband, who was staring at the phone in disbelief with his eyes wide and jaw dropped. There was a silence for a couple of seconds.
“Mom, are you still there?” Angela asked.
“Angela, but y-you’re dead!” Julia exclaimed.
Angela laughed a little. “I know I haven’t visited for a while but I’m hardly dead, mom. Anyway, I am driving over. I figured I would stop by for a bit since as I said, it’s been a while.”
Thomas reached for the phone and Julia gave it to him.
Thomas was not convinced that this was Angela, figured it must be a prank caller.
“Who are you? Are you those trouble-making kids down the street?” Thomas asked the woman on the other end.
“Dad, we just went over this, it’s me, Angela.” The voice insisted. “Anyway, I have to go now, I’ll see you whenIgetthereokaybye” she rushed at the end before hanging up.
A good ten minutes went bye of Julia and Thomas staring at the phone. It was Julia who broke the silence.
“I-it can’t be, r-right?”
Thomas did not answer, as he did not know.
“Well, it’s probably fake, so let’s just go to bed, it’s been a long day,” Julia said as she took the phone and went upstairs to their bedroom. Thomas hesitated, but followed her.
An hour passed and the two were almost asleep, until they heard a car pull into their driveway. After that they heard the front door open and shut.
“Mom? Dad? Where are you?” a child’s voice called. Thomas and Julia recognized immediately, for that child’s voice had haunted their dreams for years and years.
The sound of footsteps could be heard through the halls. Eventually, the footsteps started coming up the stairs.
Julia and Thomas hurried to hide in their closet, then they hid themselves further behind some clothes.
The footsteps neared the room as the door slowly creaked open. More footsteps walking around the room.
“Mom? Dad? Where are you, where did you go?” the child Angela’s voice repeated.
The footsteps left the room and left the door open, then they went down the stairs to look elsewhere.
Julia and Thomas sighed a breath they hadn’t realized they were holding. They exited the closet and went outside into the hall.
“What do we do!? Should we call the cops?” Julia whisper-yelled whilst freaking out.
Thomas nodded and went to grab the phone from the bedroom. He returned and had 911 dialed. The phone was ringing, he gave it to Julia. Julia held it up to her ear. The phone stopped ringing. It didn’t sound a message, no busy signal, it just stopped ringing. The phone was silent except for white noise. Then, a voice came through the phone, muffled, but the one repetitive word was clear: “Why?”
The sound started getting louder as if it was getting closer. Julia hung up but the sound did not stop. Scared, she threw the phone to the ground and it shattered. Then they realized:
The sound wasn’t coming from the phone, it was coming from behind them.

In a Wattpad story someone used a couple of lines, i thought they seemed familiar so i looked at comments for that paragraph. I will let you guess.

He was past the point of no return
Past the threshold

lunamoonlight *cough* Phantom of the Opera reference *cough*

When was the last time JD was on?

winyhobolily47 🤔 🤔 🤔???

Hey yall, new short story. Horror themed. I had to do a story taking place in an abandoned factory so here.

Violet walked into another room in the supposedly haunted factory. So far, she had not found any ghosts, apparitions, or poltergeists in the halls. Just some cobwebs and dust.
She looked around the room. There was a desk with scattered papers and writing utensils, and there was a bulletin board with torn pictures and papers. The flooring was white tile with some scattered pieces of glass from the shattered lights above. For the most part, it was just a normal office aside from the lights.
She closed the door and then Violet went over to the desk. She noticed a coffee mug on the desk. She felt the outside of the cup. The coffee was still warm, and she was not alone. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a shadow move, but when she looked to see it, it was gone.
Violet rushed towards the door to the office, and it was locked. It was locked, and she couldn’t get out. Her heart was pounding, her hands were shaking, and her mind was racing.
'What do I do, what do I do, what do I do!?' Violet thought. She was a rational person, she could figure this out. Violet breathed, in and out, in and out, and calmed herself down. 'Okay, if I’m stuck in here, I might as well look around', she thought.
She went over to the desk and looked at the papers. It looks as though the person who the desk belonged to had a few financial troubles. Along with that, there were unfinished work assignments and such. The person must have lived a stressful life.
She shadow moved behind her, just inside her field of vision. She turned around but again, nothing. Violet’s heart started to race again. The shadow moved to her right and she went left toward the door, despite it still being locked. She looked around for a weapon and grabbed a big shard of glass from the floor. She looked around the room but there was nothing, no shadows, no nothing. Well, not nothing.
Violet looked around the corner of the desk to check for whatever the shadow was, no shadow but there was a dark red liquid on the wall, blood. With Violet’s already quick heartbeat, she overloaded. Black surrounded her vision as she fell on the floor, unconscious, as the shadow stood over her.

winyhobolily47 Well I am not really into horror but nice nd scary story. 👍 👍 👍

Scruffypenny Wow!

I was looking at vampire stories on Wattpad...
Why would somebody make a Dracula x reader? Not the folktale Dracula either, Hotel Translyvania Dracula. The worst part is that some were marked as mature. No i did not read them nor do i intend to, it just came up when i was looking at vampire stories. WHY.

thecoderboi WHYYYY mature poopy stories

lunamoonlight I have lost faith in humanity when people do this to kids shows. Honestly, what the flarf.

winyhobolily47 Well...

KnightStar I've seen so many mature MLP stories and MANY, MANY other mature rated fan stuff of a child's show or movie. Zootopia is one I can also re call.

KnightStar obvi didnt read it tho because.. MMM.. NO THANKS


Out of 101 horror prompts for writing, i found 4 i could make stories out of. 4. A brief descripition of them that i came up with. If you like any especially i might make them but i can only confirm that i will write the 3rd one. (if you dont like horror or get scared easily dont read on)-

1. So there is this family, normal family, they got a dog. Had him for a while and eventually lost him. Well, eventually the dog came back, however not quite the same. When he came back he seemed growl-y, vicious and demonic. The dog keeps attacking people, the dog killed a family member, and so they figure enough is enough and call an exorcist who never shows up. They eventually kill the dog with a knife and take it into a far away field and leave it there. Then after they get back, the dog comes to the door, knife in its back and kills the family.

2. One day, a girl goes missing. Her parents search for her, and cry as their daughter is presumed dead. Many years later, they got a call from the girl a few years older, saying she wants to visit. The parents look at their phone in horror as they killed her many years ago. They keep gettig similar phone calls, and every time they ask "Who is this?" She simply states their daughters name. Whenever they ask more questions she plays dumb. Eventually they get a call from her saying she just walked in the door. Sure enough, she is in the house. As her parents hide, she eventually breaks down and asks why they dont love her and she is crying blood. right before she kills them.

3. So another one is a Little Red Riding Hood parody where Little Red is a vampire, the Big Bad Wolf is a werewolf and it displays vampires vs werewolves themes and i dont have to explain this since most of you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I also wont spoil.

4. Alright. So this dude one day just wakes up in the body of a serial killer. He has no memory of the last 2 months and is trying to figure out what happened to him. Well, he finds out that he is unable to stop killing, and every time he kills someone, he gains some of his memory. After a massive death tally, he figures out that he had become a serial killer himself over the last two months, he had not been a different person as he though, he had changed his appaerence and name to make himself less recognizable by the cops, and had not realized it. In the end, everyone around him is dead, his sits in blood and breaks down over what he has done.

I wrote all of these with a smile on my face, yes, i am psychotic, good night.

KnightStar how the dog hold the knife

KnightStar how the dog hold the knife

lunamoonlight The knife is wedged in the dogs back

Well, i am actually excited for English this year. If you dont know, i got really terrible grades for last year in English because when it comes to essays, if it is completely my words and my mind, i am good, like for an argumentitive essay. But when it is informational essays, i suck at them because i basically obsess over finding the perfect information that is both interesting, and factual. Even when i do, it isnt from a "reliable source". Well, this first part of the year we are doing short stories and narrative, which is a lot easier. Currently i am working on a parody of Little Red Riding Hood with vampires and werewolves. I wanted to make it horror just to creepy my teacher out and it was the most mild idea.