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#QoTD Has anyone outside of your family said i love you to you, or you to them?

For me, yes, technically. In a strictly platonic sense, Crystal and LLM have and vise versa, mostly LLM on Wattpad. Then some random users on Wattpad who i have gotten to laugh a lot. And a user i helped out a bit emotionally said so in a platonic sense.

starshine :)

JD2005 Um... Technically, yes. I have told some of y'all that here, so does that count lol?

Queeny not really, nope

mycatlovesme99 a boy told me I love and he is not from my family!

lunalovegoodmolly I say it to allllllll of my online friends on Wattpad and my irl friends. Always strictly in a platonic sense. When I say I love you. It's ALWAYS platonic.

lunamoonlight Pretty much, i noticed that.


mycatlovesme99 sup

craftqueen55 hey!

craftqueen55 hiiii

JD2005 Hi!

lunamoonlight Soup

lunalovegoodmolly sOuP


CoralSophie08 Hi!

lunamoonlight Heylo

craftqueen55 Hello

ammyk Salut

JD2005 Hi!

mycatlovesme99 hello!

Hey! LLM checking in. I'm doing okayish. How are all of you?

lunamoonlight Heh

CrispyPlop Meh. So-so

cactuspot12 bored

tangletale08 better than being stuck in a pickle jar, yuck

JD2005 Same, I'm also okayish.

I know it's a more adult show.... but have any of you watched Riverdale?

lunamoonlight Nope.

CrispyPlop Not sure I want to. It's on netflix, right?

KnightStar Meme comps of it-

lunamoonlight As for adult shows tho, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss

thepanweebgirl @lunamoonlight hazbin hotel is a good show

lunamoonlight It is, it's hilarious.

lunamoonlight I say that, go to play a random song I've listened to over the past year, and the song is Alastor's Game. Wow

KnightStar I dont watch shows, just movies and they're mostly rated R

JD2005 Nope!

EloquentRacer92 nope