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my life is terrible rn ;-;

only because we ran out of my favorite t e a -

Queeny the worst thing that could happen 😔

YumekoJabami Ah! Nooo!

forgxtten @queeny truly

Pumpkin :O

PurpleMochi Ugh I hate when that happens 😫

JD2005 w a i t w h a t -

forgxtten y e s

I bleached my hair. Well, the bottom most layer. It looks really cute if I do say so myself.

ammyk Cool!

forgxtten ooh nice!

Yusss We can be blonde twins now! :D

JD2005 :D

KnightStar pls send it to me :0

KnightStar cuz it sounds prtty cool!

ammyk Yusss I don’t think- you know what, never mind.

forgxtten and meee

Life is suddenly very boring.

JD2005 IKR?

ammyk country, stop being intellectual and using your time wisely! You’re making me sad.

Queeny @country how dare you be more innovative with your time than i smh

EloquentRacer92 It’s beneficial to be bored you can use your downtime

KnightStar I'm always wasting my time T-T

ammyk Same Knight. I always feel bored, then realize I probably should have been doing something more productive, then I feel sad.

forgxtten @knight same. @country same. except my brother broke my family’s guitar so I just strum my ukulele instead because it’s close enough ig

forgxtten @country IK IK IK I MEANT THE FEEL OF IT WITH THE STRINGS even though its a lot shorter and it took a while to get used to it not being as far but I KNOW AND I’M SORRY but i meant like as opposed to something like piano or even just coloring with markers bc that’s nowhere near playing a guitar but anyways it’s sorta close compared to other things I could’ve done to waste time

forgxtten that doesn’t even make sense

GuitaristKid I would like to get a six string ukulele

That feeling when you just want to sleep all day.....

Pumpkin cat nap

Yusss Ikr lol

EloquentRacer92 £$

GuitaristKid When he said " "... I felt that

forgxtten h e

Queeny h e h e

JD2005 h e h e h e

forgxtten w h a t

forgxtten i meant guitaristkid called me ‘he’

forgxtten but anyways h e h e h e h e