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JD2005 YAY

FunHeart1010 CONGRATS!!

Being bOrEd is so BoRiNg

PyroGirl I know right

JD2005 IKR?

Autumn Agreed

I am going to be VERY active on KT this weekend.

JD2005 KK!

Jabber 👍 👍

Kitten Kk

Autumn Okay

Join this group to here about my KOTLC OCs.

JD2005 ?

lunalovegoodmolly Forgot link

I am writing a short KoTLC, FTRS, and RAR cross over. Should I post it on KT

128 notif actions on KT. Did someone follow my offer to be an upvote fairy? Just curious

Kitten I only voted older posts so not me

PrincessKittens I have been upvoting EVERYTHING it might be me.......... XD

KittyKat Maybe..... lol

Person 1: We only live once.
Person 2: Wrong! We only die once. We live every day.

Be positive, always!


Lili07 look someone snachted meh hershey i was like:BOI U BETTER GIVE MEH HERSHEY BACK OR U GONNA CATCH THESE HANDS"i love me some of me hershey

lunalovegoodmolly But you can ALMOST die many times

JD2005 Thanks for sharing!

JD2005 You're right though.

My new fave thing to watch on youtube: Gloom playing BitLife.

Holahi Omg YAAASSS!

lunamoonlight Yup, I feel ya. I watch Gloom every time I go on YT.