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I know I'm not very active.... But when I'm on pretty much everyone ignores me.... *sigh* I will admit. I'm thinking about leaving permanently

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sxphirexo noooo we need more hp fans

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sangurl *Don't leave!

Kinso YoU GuYS CAnT LeAvE SoME Of YoU WErE HeRe wHeN i StARtED ANd yAlL mADe iT fUn doNt lEaVE

KnightStar :( i was thinking tooooo but idk. its not that active anymore, thats why

So today my uncle and grandma came over to drop off some groceries, and when i opened the door, our dog Willow ran out the door and around town. Now i dont know if i have mentioned this, but out neighbors diagonally are very annoying. They are always loud, either the couple is yelling outside, their kids are, or their dogs are barking or a combo. Well, when Willow ran off, the ran around and to their house for a few minutes. Keep in mind, Willow is harmless, she gets over-excited but she would never attack or anything. Well, the neighbors called the cops for a dog at large. After about 20 minutes, a slightly hurt ankle, 2 grass burns, 8 swear words later, the cop ended up helping us get Willow on a leash by distracting her for a moment. My mom then explained how the dog got out to the cop and we werent in trouble or nothing, not like we intentionally had her outside.

Queeny It'd be stupid for you to get in trouble for a loose dog that wasn't harming anyone anyway, I'm glad they helped you. Whenever my dog got loose she'd just stand in front of my neighbors house and bark. She didn't do anything but bark, and when the other dogs barked back she'd get scared lol.