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it's back on the air again ....

JD2005 You're doing this after a long time.

JD2005 Welcome back!

Ash Saw it :) Wb!

lunamoonlight NoPe I dOn'T rEmEmBeR yOu At AlL

EloquentRacer92 Welcome back!

it's been a very long time.

but i need to say:


lunamoonlight I've been on here since Halloween of 2018

KnightStar Ikr. I mean, woah. Just woah. And we're all kids too, which means when we're an adult, time will fly even quicker. That's pretty depressing. I mean 2018 three years ago... woah just woah.

GemHeart I’ve been here since day one y’all lol

JD2005 @KnightStar Yeah. 😔

lunamoonlight Lol. A lot has changed for me, so maybe it just seems longer to me than yall?

ammyk Gem, true. You are our aunt-mother-elf-goddess thing.

Autumn what do you think kn will be like when we'll be adults?

lunamoonlight We'd be Alumni then

lunamoonlight Gem is the older sister of KidzNet, has been a while.

CoralSophie08 A whole ton has changed. Like, 2019 was two years ago now. Geez. And @Autumn, I'm planning to, y'all better stick with me.

#QoTD Has anyone outside of your family said i love you to you, or you to them?

For me, yes, technically. In a strictly platonic sense, Crystal and LLM have and vise versa, mostly LLM on Wattpad. Then some random users on Wattpad who i have gotten to laugh a lot. And a user i helped out a bit emotionally said so in a platonic sense.

starshine :)

JD2005 Um... Technically, yes. I have told some of y'all that here, so does that count lol?

Queeny not really, nope

mycatlovesme99 a boy told me I love and he is not from my family!

lunalovegoodmolly I say it to allllllll of my online friends on Wattpad and my irl friends. Always strictly in a platonic sense. When I say I love you. It's ALWAYS platonic.

lunamoonlight Pretty much, i noticed that.


mycatlovesme99 sup

craftqueen55 hey!

craftqueen55 hiiii

JD2005 Hi!

lunamoonlight Soup

lunalovegoodmolly sOuP


CoralSophie08 Hi!

lunamoonlight Heylo

craftqueen55 Hello

ammyk Salut

JD2005 Hi!

mycatlovesme99 hello!