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Okay. Now this is my real last post for the day. See ya all Thursday! Bye! LLM

Autumn See ya!
Please read

GemHeart Checking now!

I won't be on tomorrow. I am going to my grandma's house. Will be back on Thursday! Bye! ~LLM

Autumn Bye! Have fun at grandma's house. :D

lunalovegoodmolly Thanks! I will do! Bye!

KnightStar Have fun!

GemHeart K!

FunHeart1010 Hope you have fun! Bye!

Tomorrow is all school game day at my school... that should be fun right?
WELL IT ISN'T! None of my friends are on my team. So teams have themes like FBI. But mine has to be wat for it...

VSCO GIRLS!!!! UGH!!! I HAVE A BIG GRUDGE AGAINST VSCO GIRLS. I just have to lose my self pride . I am so gong to be made fun of...

FunHeart1010 SKSKSKSKSKS AND I O O P- Yeah my friend and I saw a vsco girl in Walmart and when she walked by my friend said "Sksksksks"

KnightStar oml skskskskskkskskssksksksk so I glad im not one and I oop- for you skskskkskk and now im going to drink from my hygrophlask (idk how to spell it omg)

whereintheworld Lol 😂.

lunamoonlight Hydroflask is the spelling. And same, I hate VSCO girls, there are way to many at my school. I prefer Egirls.

Autumn Skskskskskskskskskssk

FunHeart1010 Same Luna. E-Girls are cooler, and more my aesthetic.

KnightStar I do NOT prefer Egirls, ewwwww. Okay, I know, I know, but my aunt is a Egirl and my little sister is already aspiring to be on!!! AHHH SAVE MEH!

Me, talking about how I don't really like Camilla Cabello's music.
My dad: You just don't like her because she stole your boyfriend.
Me: I do not like Shawn Mendes and he is not my boyfriend!
My dad: not anymore.
Me: *just walks away*

KnightStar I don't like Shamilla lol, it's for cloud

KnightStar *clout

lunalovegoodmolly Same ArtistGirl. Hehehe. Some more than others. Like the most annoying boys in my class the most.

GemHeart My sister used to love Shawn, I say the same thing to her XD

Queeny I don't like Camilla's music cause it always sounds like she's drunk when she sings lol

KnightStar Same Queeny, my mom says she sounds like she was high while making her songs

KnightStar *our, in some senses, this is to all but it sounds weird ;-;

FunHeart1010 Yeah I Agree

GemHeart LOL. I think Camilla's just tryna act attractive or something, her music is okay but EHHHHH I DON'T THINK I LIKE IT

KnightStar True Gem, plus, it's strange with the paparazzi relationship. Paparazzi's never come unless the celebrity asks, which most likely mean their relationship is fake, also considering their body language too.

KidzSearch is slow to approve today...

KnightStar Yeah 😓

Autumn Yeah.

Kitten agreed

Most people: post tons o cat memes and other memes
Me: Sheltie memes and GIFs

ArtistGirl yup.

GemHeart Me: Bleach and anime and SpongeBob and Gumball memes.

KnightStar GH, I literally read a bunch of 'what in the wat' Gumball fanfictions because they are always 'what it the wat


KnightStar Like, I read one that was a Xreader for this box character (mr.something, the guys that works at that supermarket) and it was...….oh my......AWESOME

Sheltie GIFs below. xD

KnightStar Awww I have a few gifs of my own

ArtistGirl cute!

Kitten aww