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We deleted some fake self-harm image posts. Please do not do this again. These types of actions can result in automatic deletion of your account, and possibly getting your entire IP banned from using any part of the KidzSearch website.

Ash How did you know it was fake!

JHAMMER2 so your not allowed to post photoshoped Pic's

lunamoonlight Your not allowed to lie about cutting yourself just to get some pity, and post an image of someone with cutting scars on their arm on a site where 5 year olds can see it. And I knew it was fake because I found the website the image was from. You can look up "arm cuts images" and go to images, it's the ninth result (given, I have safesearch so meh.) I can provide the link to the website, but KS probably wouldn't allow it on the main feed. It's obviously not her arm too, that's not someone who just started cuttings' arm.

lunamoonlight The photo wasn't photoshopped.

HarryPotterLover123 What does IP mean

JHAMMER2 @Queeny I still don't see how @TomBoyFoxGrl is fake

lunamoonlight Because the photo wasn't hers. She claimed to have cut herself, and claimed the arm in the photo was hers. It wasn't her arm, that's been proven. Also, Internet Protocal. (forgive my spelling)

Queeny The arm in the photo wasn't hers. It was someone else. You can tell by reverse image searching, then you can see the original source the image came from. The scars are not photoshopped, they are real. But they are from a different person, not TomBoyFoxGrl. The reason why this is such a big deal is because posting explicit images of self harm can upset younger kids on here, and it's overall morally wrong to use someone else's pain to get pity for yourself.

JD2005 @HarryPotterLover123 IP is an abbreviation of Internet Protocol. Every single device connected to the internet has a unique IP address.

Pumpkin Posting fake images it's really disrespectful to people who actually cut (or used to cut) for real. It's a really hard challenge that people have to go through. I know that Luna had to go through that. When people post fake images like that, it uses other people's suffering and hardship to get pity for yourself. It's so disgusting.

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