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All. We decided to remove the ability to block users from accessing your main timeline page. Any users that have been blocked are no longer blocked now. However, you can still unfriend people. This feature was just causing a lot of friction between users with questionable benefit.

JD2005 Um... To be honest, it seems a bit dumb. I admit that it has been the reason of fights between users many times, but still, I don't think it's a good idea to permanently remove the option to block others. :(

KidzSearch If we see a real need for it, we might bring it back. Just report users to us that are causing problems to your account.

Queeny but blocks are a lot more instant, while reporting someone could take hours. And a lot of times, though blocks might hurt someone's feelings, they'll cause a lot less drama then reporting someone. And reports could cause damage to somebody's account, I don't think users should resort to reporting others because of petty arguments. Just my two cents.

lunamoonlight Yeah Queeny

JD2005 You're right, Queeny.

Pumpkin I blocked JD2005 last year, and I regretted it after just a few days. Blocking because of fights is mean.

Queeny but you can't force someone to like you/your opinions. If they don't like what you have to say, then they don't like what you have to say. There's no changing that, and it's useless getting upset over. If you were to disagree with someone, would you rather fight about it all the time or just stop seeing the things that make you upset?

Pumpkin I don't need them to like me, I need us to get along. It is unfair that I can't view their page and they can message me, view my page and I can't really reply.

Queeny That's understandable. Maybe instead of removing the block button KS should update it so that both users can't have contact with each other to make it more fair, or something like that.

Raven Oh no

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lunamoonlight AWESOME

CrispyPlop OOH