Yo, wassup

jester No questions? Bummer. I really want to answer some on my babe, joker.

GemHeart HMMMMMMMM IDK. I know a lot about Joker, mostly that he's a pyschopathic criminal who needs to be locked up and Batman needs to get some courage and kill him. No offense.

bella07 Is it joker the villain or what

lunamoonlight I know a lot about Joker. Joker is a villian in Batman, psycho, more psycho, and he has a girlfriend, Harley Quinn, who is also insane (I know honestly more about Harley Quinn than I do about Joker). In some fan theories, Joker is the good guy and Batman is the bad guy.

Twentyonepilotsan Hey welceme to kiznet!

jester Thanks.

jester Joker is a sweetheart.

Lili07 ummmmmmmm

jester Not the one on kidznet. He is absolutely retarded.

jester Okay, off of th e fact that he is seen as a criminal, I wer don't really believe that. He is just trying to get the help he needs, but he doesn't know how to ask.