im geting a puppy

KnightStar I like Zues!

cookie122105 i used t have german shepard the normal one her name was lila

lunamoonlight Go with Zeus (spell check!)

KnightStar Dang, I knew it was spelled wrong, I just thought that was legit what she wanted it to be lol

Kitten Awesome!

lunamoonlight I am just crazy for Greek mythology so I automatically knew the correct spelling for the god of lightning.

izziegirl this is our puppy at 4 days old he's louging on his brother

izziegirl i think his name should be pig

Kitten So Cute! good photo!

cookie122105 awwwwwwwww


KnightStar Welcome back Izzie!

Queeny WB!

izziegirl good to be back


CatGirlTiti :)

KnightStar (;

Queeny :D

KnightStar z:

CatGirlTiti ^_^

KnightStar -_-

Wesley2004 ;o

do you want to be freinds

KnightStar Sure! I can friend you (;

KnightStar hi frewnd

hungergamesgirl888 I will friend u!

KnightStar I should post something like this so I can get frewnds lil

KnightStar Lol not lil

CatGirlTiti Lol! Star.

KnightStar Anyone that's not my frewnd wanna be my fewnd?

HorseGirl221 Sure!

Wesley2004 SURE.

Kitten yeah!