CatGirlTiti :)

KnightStar (;

Queeny :D

KnightStar z:

CatGirlTiti ^_^

KnightStar -_-

do you want to be freinds

KnightStar Sure! I can friend you (;

KnightStar hi frewnd

hungergamesgirl888 I will friend u!

KnightStar I should post something like this so I can get frewnds lil

KnightStar Lol not lil

CatGirlTiti Lol! Star.

KnightStar Anyone that's not my frewnd wanna be my fewnd?

HorseGirl221 Sure!


CatGirlTiti what is cool?

KnightStar Lol "cool"

😁 👋 👗 👣 👧 👧 👧 👧

KnightStar Hi!

hi .my haf sister wheid 11 pounds when she was borne

KnightStar Now i feel fat lol

Octolongboi12 u was two pounds?!?! wiz u born early?

izziegirl i whayd 5 pounds so did my twin and we where borne 1 month early

KnightStar My twin was a few pounds lower than me lol

hungergamesgirl888 I was 7 pounds

hungergamesgirl888 In my life I've literally only gained 55 pounds!!! 😂 I am tiny!

mockingjay222 I weighed 6 lbs now I feel fat!!

KnightStar Same...:-(

GemHeart Ya I was born a month early!

KnightStar ya I was like 7 pound I think (; I was born fat according to my mom lol


GemHeart Heyyo!

Octolongboi12 Sup

izziegirl : )