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Happy Halloween!!! 👻 👹 💀 🤡

KnightStar Halloween isn't here yet, although very soon! I have drawing for inktober I wanna post too:-)


GemHeart ;) Thx!

KnightStar (;

Hey guys, I've been talking about kidznet a lot to my friends and my friend Kate (BengalTiger) decided to join. She's nice and goes to my school. Be nice to her!!! -Fishstickz (if you read my bio fishstickz will make more sense.)

GemHeart KK!

KnightStar I'LL READ UR BIO!

I need some suggestions. I am creating an original manga with the main characters being 3 guys and 1 girl. I am designing the girl first and all of them are around the same age (14 for right now). Maybe you could help me with a plot...

-I don't want any of the characters having unrealistic hair color right now.
-It's a realistic setting for now, but I was thinking about giving it some supernatural or odd things regarding the "afterlife" of this story.
-I don't want to make it too old-timey or anything, but modern as in It could happen now.

Sorry I didn't give too much info, but I'd love suggestions so if I ever wanna publish a manga then I can if I have an idea...

GemHeart Thanks for sharing!

mockingjay222 I'm all for ya!! Hope your manga turns out great

mockingjay222 Maybe as a plot all the girls like the one girl......just an idea

GemHeart You mean all the guys? No, IDK, cuz I don't really like romanticish type stories that much...