ray actually being non-egy
Delilah: In light of what you did for me, you can hug me for four to five seconds.
Delilah: No! Four to five seconds!
ray: Too late!!!

when I was younger I had nice blue eyes now they faded into like a blue-grey

KnightStar When I was younger I had solid blue eyes, but now I have a beautiful shade of green eyes and brown in the middle. So hazel. I would look weird with blue eyes hazel is better for me

Momobami I used to have pale turquoise eyes, now one is black... Eye problem

my new fandom: MHA
the new fictional character im simping for: hawks

those weird thoughts you have like "what if murder was legal"

PurpleMochi right!?

Autumn i would be dead by now

JD2005 O.O

Twentyonepilotsan If murder was legal… man

GuitaristKid I have those to

Momobami I would be in a grave by now..

do u like my new pfp

Momobami Yes

I just got a my hero academia poster!

happy last day of pride month

Twentyonepilotsan Ya :(