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This is my final post for now. Have a fun time here like i did.........Hopefully your time here doesnt end like mine. I liked it here and hopefully you will. Goodbye. There is a chance i will return sometime. Goodbye KidzNet.

lunalovegoodmolly Goodbye. I will miss you!

Queeny Aww, I'm sorry to see you go :( I'm glad you had a good time here

hghux555 Goodbye!

GemHeart Bye! Hope you had a nice time

hghux555 I did. Hopefully you do.

Kitten Bye!

FortnitePlayer Bye

FunHeart1010 Bye.

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Love this!

FunHeart1010 XD so true


GemHeart Yup

JD2005 I can remember this!

news update. I am leaving KS. Goodbye. I might return sometime but for now.......this is my goodbye.

lunalovegoodmolly Noooooooo.......... Goodbye! I will miss you!

GemHeart ;(

JD2005 Why!? GOODBYE...

JD2005 Why!? GOODBYE...

hghux555 Because I have too much to do....I never have alot of time for it.

hghux555 BTW i said i was coming back sometime.


FortnitePlayer :(

FortnitePlayer T_T

I'm baaaaaack!

Holahi Yaaay I missed you

lunalovegoodmolly i missed you so much. Yay

Scruffypenny Yay! Where did you go?

hghux555 I went to Area 51 lol

hghux555 nvm its confidental

bella07 I've welcomed u already

JD2005 Welcome baaaaaack!

Kitten I missed you! did you see aliens?

hghux555 no i saw mutated kittens.

FortnitePlayer ummm

I am going away so I will be offline for a week and a half. See you guys then!

KnightStar KK! Bye!

FortnitePlayer See ya

The keyyboard I am using doews not typ alot correctlyk so sorry if most of my comments or psts have typos.

lunalovegoodmolly It happens to me sometimes too.

Emelyisaway Same D:

hghux555 SEE HWTA I MRSN?

rockabillykitty123 yes

My epic picture of an am amethyst with a background. I took this picture.

lunalovegoodmolly Pretty

FunHeart1010 Awesome!

Kitten oo0!

FairyPrincess Cool!

FortnitePlayer Wowza

hghux555 thNAKS!


cakelover cool

my profie picture- enlarged!

Too see how I put in the frost, join my new group- Revealed!

hghux555 did not post...will repost later

Kitten Cool xd