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Space Facts: Amazing and Incredible Facts About Space

greatamazingCheezits love astronomy

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Hi kidznet users...
can you answer me this question I am same like an elephant but weight nothing who am I?
I will tell the answer till I get the response of any five kidznet users

harsimar Hint .it is in black color

Sophiacodingirl Siriusly

greatamazingCheezits You are a elephant's shadow. LOL

Hi kidznet users !
Again I have a thought don't wait for the perfect moment take the moment and make it perfect

harsimar After listening this thought from my teacher I had did the same

I have a thought always find a reason to smile

Scruffypenny yes.

Coolguy You are right there is always a good reason to smile.


Coolguy What does that mean?

KnightStar @coolguy it means #randompost

harsimar It means that I am a new member of kidznet