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Happy Empathy week

Ash You too :)

Happy b-day JD

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Who has a hamster comment a pic below

Here's mine

JD2005 Cute! I don't have any.

Queeny my bebe boy

JHAMMER2 @Yuss does

JHAMMER2 I don't have one.

hamsterkeeper123 He is a boy too 💙

KnightStar I do uwu

Yusss I do UwU

Yusss Mine is a girl and her name is Cookie! 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪

JHAMMER2 I see your lip

Yusss @HAMMER I do too LOL


JHAMMER2 I have no idea weather that is you front with you hair covering your face or you back lol

DukeSilver I'm sorry. All I can see is Emily from that AppleTv show Emily Dickinson when she tries to scare that other kid that likes her.

hamsterkeeper123 It's the back

Thank you NHS to every keyworker out there even the wons who don't seem so important

lunamoonlight *totally didn't just look up the NHS abbreviation*

hamsterkeeper123 Lol

Yusss @Luna Same XD

This sketch took about 30 seconds

hamsterkeeper123 Sorry I forgot about the pic here you go

lunamoonlight Still no pic

JHAMMER2 I don't blame you, I once forgot to post the picture on one of my posts before lol. but I posted the picture in the comments

hamsterkeeper123 Here you go

JD2005 Where is it lol?


hamsterkeeper123 There you go

JD2005 Noice.

JHAMMER2 #PicturesThatHasBeenForgotenToBePosted