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I was just scrolling though steam and I was looking though the tags on steam and guess what was one of the tags were (cry laughing)the Illuminati LOLXD

JD2005 LOL! XD!

lunamoonlight XD

GemHeart XD The Iluminati will get us all!!!

FunHeart1010 ?

KnightStar LOL, Gem!

GemHeart FH, my mum had to explain to be what the Illuminati are. They are a group of supposed people who have a secret society. Some people say they spy on you. Lots of people make jokes targeted at them. Their symbol is an eye.

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I made a quiz. It is 4 questions because on the site I used it was a lot harder than I thought!
here is the link :

lunamoonlight It took an hour to make this, and it's only 4 questions

lunamoonlight So tell me what u get if u take it

lunamoonlight plz take it

cookie122105 cool

GemHeart I used to take Buzzfeed quizzes and read the articles but one day Buzzfeed just stopped working for me. I loved the quizzes tho!

KnightStar I got werewolf!

gusoisthebest I got werewolf! SWEET!

KnightStar Me too guso!

lunamoonlight Yay! People took ma quiz!

Queeny I got Angel! I was hoping fairy (neverunderestimateuswearedangerousIswear) But this is cool too!

KnightStar Awesome!

Pumpkin LunaMoonlight did that? Awesome!


100musicmaniac that's so trippy

lunamoonlight Cool!

Queeny WOW. Cats are shaking inside of my computer screen!

lunamoonlight Shake it forwards and then back to u, it looks like they are gonna come out of the sreen

gusoisthebest btw the cats are call tems

KnightStar Your right, Luna! So cool!

Pumpkin Wow! It Moves!

TheUltimateRealDude1 TEMMIES!!!!!!!!!!

TheUltimateRealDude1 UNDERTALE!

JD2005 Cool!

TBH this morning all I've just been scroooollling though kidZnet because on the holidays I never touched my chromebook 99% of the holidays XD

KnightStar LOL

school sucks!

cookie122105 ???????

KnightStar It does!

lunamoonlight School... My enemy...

FunHeart1010 Really? I love school.

KnightStar School is my enemy *stares at my one F* Hey at least I don't have an F on every subject, right?? RIGHT??? lol

JD2005 IKR?


KnightStar I like the other one better!

GemHeart Yeah, do Sans! I like this better.

chopperbusta Nice Gus, but that's not a meme (It's Angy)


chopperbusta hay Gus are you friends with (wesley2004)?

KnightStar Yes!

JD2005 Yes!

JD2005 Sans is better!

GemHeart Yeah, he's my brother.

which one do you want to be profile photo

KnightStar That ones cool!

chopperbusta Sans Dog

Queeny This one! This one is cute!

JD2005 This!

KnightStar I like Sans better!

KnightStar The sans dog.