434 pts


KnightStar I like the other one better!

GemHeart Yeah, do Sans! I like this better.

chopperbusta Nice Gus, but that's not a meme (It's Angy)


chopperbusta hay Gus are you friends with (wesley2004)?

KnightStar Yes!

JD2005 Yes!

JD2005 Sans is better!

GemHeart Yeah, he's my brother.

which one do you want to be profile photo

KnightStar That ones cool!

chopperbusta Sans Dog

Queeny This one! This one is cute!

JD2005 This!

CatGirlTiti I like this one!

KnightStar I like Sans better!

KnightStar The sans dog.

school is all most over whose excited for the school holiday 😁 😃

GemHeart Me ;)

Queeny I have so much work to do before then... But I'll be happy when all my school works done!

KnightStar I guess?

JD2005 Meeee!