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My number 1 son

Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo, baby shark doo doo doo doo doo, baby shark doo doo doo doo doo, baby shark!

It keeps going but I am tired

greatamazingCheezits Song! not son😣

This is my new's channel:

Hello, and welcome to Live Emergencies! I am your host, @greatamazingcheezits and I will be talking about the COVID 19! Here is today's issue: We are out of toilet tissue and milk! I repeat, we are out of toilet tissue and milk! This is a major emergency here! We NEED toilet tissue for..... some reasons. We NEED milk because it is healthy, especially chocolate milk! Earlier, I talked with the head manager of the Ultra Soft toilet tissue company. It turns out, they have slowed making toilet tissue. You should have seen my face when he told me that. Later, I checked in with a cow farmer. The cow's have stopped making milk! Same face, anger. Well, that is all I have to say. Oh wait, don't forget the cookies. We are almost out of them and they are super good, especially the mint ones! So don't forget the cookies. That is it for today, stay safe and buy milk! Static- shhhhhhhh, beep.

GemHeart MILK

Das any of you have glasses? I do but I got contacts! Just can't get the contact into my eye. Can get out though.

Sophiacodingirl I got glasses

JD2005 Thankfully, I don't need glasses or contact lenses yet.

lunamoonlight Yup.

Scruffypenny yes I am like JD, I really hope that I wont need glasses. I think it will be an amazing experience with glasses but I dont know for sure though..

Queeny Mmhmm

GemHeart Yes

So, there's this thing called Quizlet that I adore! It's a fun learning site where you can create learning sets and create classes. It's so fun! My classes are X-tra Latin Fun, XX Hackin Latin, Lovers of Science, and Learning Net.

Sophiacodingirl Checked it out @greatamazingCheezits

Sophiacodingirl P.S There’s an app

Scruffypenny checked it out. Latin science look fun

KnightStar I adore it as well, very useful indeed.

So, i was looking up a character for a site I have, and i found a site called
It is so cool! Have any of you been there? You can create gifs and see popular ones!
I created one and I'm going on another!

lunamoonlight I know what it is and I have used it, but it slows my tablet down because it can't load so much stuff at one time.

JD2005 I know that site.

Queen157 Yeah i have know that site since age 8

Queeny It's the most popular gif site on the internet

Sup gang! what up?

GemHeart Nothing really hmmm

JD2005 Nothing much.



greatamazingCheezits Go @Queen157!


Ada4 lol

Twentyonepilotsan I like math

Scruffypenny I like math.

JD2005 XD

This is how I feel about math!

Ada4 lol

Scruffypenny I like math

JD2005 Yup