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Hi friends, whas up?
We is moving August 8th or 9th so I will not be on here for a while!
Sorry, but I will be back sometime!

HeyitsBabyKiki Stay safe !

JD2005 Kk, bye!

Yo sup gang!

Das any of u think that Alexa is a spy?
A few days ago, we were watching something about chickens and we had a conversation about what kinds of chicken breeds there are when, on my mom's phone, a thing popped up about 20 breeds of chickens. This happened other times too, when mu mom's phone seems to know what we are talking about!
Has this happened to any of u?

Also, my latest work of art:

Queeny My family doesn't have Alexa so idk. Cool wolf!

lunamoonlight Thats a good wuffie!

JD2005 1. We don't have Alexa, so IDK, but if it's true, then wow. 2. Nice wolf!

greatamazingCheezits Thank ya bros

Holahi Yes Alexa I s CREEPY she is always listening and responds even when you don’t say her name-

I wanted to do something that took two whole pages.

JD2005 Wow!

THEMEGAMAN nice i tried that art uts harder then it seems

JD2005 👍