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anyways what’s the longest hashtag on kn ?

forgxtten excuse the missing apostrophes, i didn’t know if it would work if i did them

forgxtten #HmmIThinkEloquentRacer92IsInTheMountainTimeZoneOrPacificTimeZoneSoBeCarefulAndDontShareWhatTimeItIsWithStrangersOnTheInternetBecauseMaybeYouCouldGetHackedOrKidnappedByAStrangerOnTheInternetSoBeCareFulAndStaySafeEveryoneDontGetHackedOrKidnappedByStrangersOnTheInternet

Yusss #IWon’tEvenBother

EloquentRacer92 #SesquipedalianismSubdermatoglyphicUncopyrightableTsktskHonerificabilitudinitatibusUnimaginativelyEuouaeStrengthsIncomprehensibilitiesSupercalifragilistickexpialidociousAntidisestablishmentarianismFloccinaucinihilipilificationPseudoseudohypoparathyroidismPneumonoultramicrospopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

some stuff about me bc why not

name: frog because it looks like the first four letters of my username except not

age: fourteen

gender: female

country: America

time zone: pacific

personality type: INTP

likes: nostalgia, reading, writing, drawing, journaling, sitting outside and thinking about life and trains, WATER, fish, the color blue, good books, rocks, the smell of old books, the smell of new shoes, the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of the air after it rains, rain in general, the smell of alcohol-based markers, ticonderoga pencils, chocolate, memes, dad jokes, cursed images, strumming random chords bc why not, a lot of other things but this is already long, brown paper, bookshops, cafes, coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and tea

dislikes: nostalgia, sunburns, cleaning my room, when ink bleeds through the paper onto something important underneath it, the way aLL OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS END UP DYING, math, pineapple (especially when it’s on pizza) (don’t start a war guys)

**If you say something that remotely resembles a line from a musical, I will proceed to perform the entire musical.**

uhhh yeah thats it ig

forgxtten hmm eloquentracer92 might get mad at me for this lol

forgxtten @country d o i t


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raffle time B)

share this post to be entered

the winner will be randomly selected. they'll get a drawing from me of anything they want (as long as it is within kidzsearch's and my own moral code). i'll pm the winner in 4 days.

i'll post the winner's prize in my art group once i'm done with their drawing

EloquentRacer92 £$

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hey KS! could you change my username to forgxtten? thank you!

JD2005 Um... TBH, I like ArtistGirl more.

forgxtten @JD2005 yeah I don't like ArtistGirl as much, especially since I haven’t been doing much artwork anymore

Pumpkin Same Jay

KnightStar I like forgxtten ! a lot actually uwu

forgxtten @KidzSearch

forgxtten @KnightStar ty !

Pumpkin the most efficient way to talk to them is through private messages.

KidzSearch Okay, we will change it for you.

forgxtten thank you so much!

JHAMMER2 What was you old name agin?

youngshezzy15 lol

forgxtten @JHAMMER2 it was artistgirl

PrincessFairy Your name is already forgxtten

forgxtten @princessfairy it wasn’t but they changed it

forgxtten o h

forgxtten anyways-