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guys I'm changing my pfp in :

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Dear KidzSearch, I wanna ask you something.
On Google, we need to make only one account to access all of their services, e.g. YouTube, Search, Gmail, Maps etc. etc.
But on KidzSearch, we need to make multiple, one account for one specific service, e.g. one for KidzNet, one for KidzTalk, one for KidzTube etc. etc.
Why? I think it'd be great if you can solve this problem. Then we'll need to make just one account to access all of KidzSearch! Hope you'll like this idea.

JD2005 P.S. Friends, if you agree, please share it so KS can see.

JD2005 Thanks for sharing! (Nice to see so many people agree.)

fluffykitten12 its ok your welcome

Kitten Ikr

KnightStar Cute!

fluffykitten12 Thnx wheres your photo gone?

Kitten good job!

bliss987 cuteeeeeeee


fluffykitten12 Thnx kitten

Kitten Your Very Welcome :)

FunHeart1010 Cool! Did you use a reference?

fluffykitten12 What

fluffykitten12 Do ou mean trace no I didn't trace

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Have you ever felt like u were on an island by yourself. Well it has never happened to me but sometimes people can wish but listen to this you are on that island and you had food and water. But you have no house so you have to make a tree house but you have no tools. But the good thing is you get to swim and listen to nature.

fluffykitten12 I had a dream like that

fluffykitten12 Who's ever watched the dumping ground and Tyler is stuck on an island


FunHeart1010 hey

hghux555 hi

Kitten hi

Kaitlyn Hi

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Kitten Your Welcome! 😉

FortnitePlayer No problem

GemHeart NP! ;)

Kitten Yep!

PuppyLover802993 Wow. Didn't know that but same!

PuppyLover802993 I am too

PuppyLover802993 And not ashamed of it

fluffykitten12 Gfu

fluffykitten12 It means good 4 u