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this is how long I have been here wow

KnightStar I've been here since Oct. 2018

lunamoonlight I joined Octobor 31st 2018. I joined Halloween, lol.

KnightStar That's a cool day to join, luna

JD2005 Me: September 2018.

Queeny I've been here since October 12th(?) of 2018

whats your guys favourite music artist mine are NF and dean lewiss

lunamoonlight Dude, you are asking a loaded question with me. But let's see, NF, Icon For Hire, Alec Ben, Skillet, Linkin Park (Rest in peace Chester), Shinedown, SVRCINA, Bad Wolves, Imagne Dragons and oh so many more.

KnightStar I LUV NF!!!!

hi guys I'm fluffykitten12 sister I'm going to post for her I might make an account for myself!

JD2005 Kk!

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

Kitten ok

Queen157 Ok

guys I might not be coming back to KN because I might delete it because I'm having a really hard time with my mental health so yh I will try and come on and check on all of yous but I cant promise anything yet :// 😭 😭 💔 💔 💔 💖

ArtistGirl 😭 😭

KnightStar :( i understand

lunalovegoodmolly Ok

JD2005 Oh no... 😭

Queen157 What nooooo

fluffykitten12 I'm so so so sorry I just cant stay on any social media atm I'm sorry

lunamoonlight It's alright, I get it, but I still think there are a lot of people on KN who could help. Staying on here is one thing that helped me was, Mostly because it's friendly here, unlike websites I used to be on and won't mention because someone if going to go to them and check them out.

Kitten noooooo fluffy!

fluffykitten12 @lunamoonlight thank you! I will try and stay on here but I cant promice xx

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Ada4 I understand

JD2005 True!

Kitten omg you are back!!

JD2005 Welcome back fluffy!

hey guys sorry I haven't been on for about 4 months I have just been so busy btw I broek my ankle 2 weeks ago

ArtistGirl Welcome Back!

Jabber salmatak, get well soon!!!!

Kitten Welvome Back

Kitten *welcome

JD2005 It's okay, WB and get well soon!

KnightStar that's alright we missed u

lunalovegoodmolly Wb. I missed ya

Ada4 Get well fluffy (i like your profile name)