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The Chicken are cool bug

fluffykitten12 lol

fluffykitten12 what phone do you have

FortnitePlayer Strange

FunHeart1010 Wth

GemHeart LOLZ.

Kitten lol

CSeriestechhero Noice Apple. I hope they keep this

lunamoonlight You could always just type "hello"

FunHeart1010 Ikr.

I'm leaving guys I'm never coming back ever because u guys think I'm dumb 😭 😭 😭 😭 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪

lunamoonlight I don't think your dumb, who said that?

GemHeart What? No one said you're dumb!

KnightStar Who said that?

FunHeart1010 What??!

fluffykitten12 guys I feel like you guys have to pretend to like me because I was to you all but I didn't mean it

Kitten you add something unique to kidznet. we do not want you to leave

Kitten I also have seen you, fluffykitten12, recently online on May 10, three days after you posted this. It seems like an empty threat to tell us you are going offline forever, and come back the same week. We don't think you are dumb either. 😉

Kitten 😓

Hobbypony Who the heck said that

Kitten fluffykitten12 said that