The house starts to shake.
Your grandma stares at an empty wall. You ask her what is going on. She repeats; "It is coming back, darling. You must run." Over and over again. She starts to sing,

Granny: "You may leave now, we are not the ones you are looking for."
You: "Grandma who was that?"
Granny: "A bad spirit dear."

You blink, and your grandma was on the floor.

What will happen next? #ShortHorrorStories #ChooseWhatHappensNext

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JD2005 Request sent!

Wait what is happening here-

You walk up to your parents bedroom. You haven't seen them after noon. Just as you opened the door, you saw your cousin facing backward, arms and head twitching. You decide to ask, "[cousin name], have you seen my parents?" Your cousin turned around, and their face was covered in blood. "y-your n-next.." The beast said. You screamed in terror, went back to your room, locked the door, you would be stuck with this monster forever.

Was it really your cousin?


PrincessFairy maybe

PrincessFairy yes

-MarshmallowSmoosh- I’m scared now :(

PurpleMochi The fact my cousin is three makes this even worse lol

expect @PurpleMochi Lol

JHAMMER2 No. Every exept for 1 of my cousins are grown up lol. The one that is still a kid is techlently my grand cousin (my cousins daughter)

KnightStar @JHAMMER2 same, my cousins are all in their 40s but for my cousin on my mom's side (which i live with lol)

EloquentRacer92 No

JD2005 :O

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JD2005 👍🏻👍🏻

expect Very cool! MHA is my favorite anime :D

forgxtten how tho, i never find anything that i like in the mens section ;-;

JD2005 👍🏻👍🏻

GuitaristKid Why is that in the mens section

JHAMMER2 @GuitaristKid Its target

EloquentRacer92 Oversized? I wear size 14 shirts